The Oasis (Main Quest)

Summon and mount your camel with Q and E, respectively. Once abord, follow your welcomer into town, the discovery of which (a place you've clearly been before) still grants XP.

Follow him all the way home. In the front yard, as you dismount, there's an opportunity to fill up your ammo as well.

A cutscene plays, and then you get some target practice.

Luckily, you shouldn't need your bow at all as you get a quick lesson in stealth and detection, courtesy of some visiting hostiles

Bear left, moving around the house counter clockwise. Every soldier you encounter will have his back turned to you, making the F-key takedown easy.

The last soldier is on the upper floor. Climb up the back of the house (the opposite side from where this scene began), and sneak through the house to get him as well.

Rejoin your friend to enter another cutscene, where he tells you of local affairs, and of the next target on your list.

Meet up with another erstwhile comrade (completely in cutscene) to complete the quest.

This should be enough to get you to Level 2 (granting an Ability point), and makes available the quests False Oracle and Gear Up.

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