The Scarab's Sting (Main Quest)

The Scarab's Sting (Main Quest)

The Scarab is the lowest level of the new assassination targets, so probably the one you'll tackle first. Begin the hunt in Sais.

Talk to the brewer, who will dish a bit of dirt, and show you a secret room in his home.

Search the central table here for the 'Story of the Scarab,' which will point toward your next objective. Note that there is also a bulletin board of local quests here for you to examine,

When you're done here, return outside, and talk with the brewer and the boy. This will point you to Camp Pyrrhos, to the south (our location guide here).

Ghupa is being held in the cage dead center of the camp.

As with a regular assault, the best place to launch an attack on camp Pyrrhos is via the scaffolding and incomplete fence to the south.

Ghupa can't walk right now, so be sure to clear a way out before opening his cage. If you have already been through here before you're golden- there will only be two new guards on each gate, easily sniped, chain killed, or just plain regular killed.

Once you're no longer under fire, load Ghupa up on a horse, and ride back to Sais.

Get him safely back home for a cutscene and some minor revelations.

With the info gained here, the quest completes

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