The Sickness (Side Quest)

The Sickness (Side Quest)

A side quest in south Euhermia, in Faiyum

This one kicks off as you wander near the target area, and find a bonfire of corpses.

Speak to the healer to learn of a pestilence here.

This becomes an investigation area, but the plot-advancing clue is the giant vats of rancid food in the roofless storeroom.

Talk to the healer again- she'll lead you through the city to the home of the Food Merchant (whose lack of proper name doesn't bode will for his long term health).

Use Senu to ID your goal in the bluish building behind/south of the main house.

Enter for a cutscene that begins with an inspection and ends with an attack by Mr. Merchant and his guards. Attack back.

He only has two guards, so no special tactics should be required here, though as always the backswing of the spear remains a salutary deterrent to anyone trying to flank you. When they're all down, kill-confirm the merchant to complete this quest.

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