The Tax Master (Side Quest)

The Tax Master (Side Quest)

After completing all other Sais bulletin board quests, this one becomes available.

Follow your marker to find out from Jeska that Harkhuf has been taken.

She'll give you his location in Nikiou Fort, and a line on the secret entrance there.

Ride over and suss out the fort. Even if you already cleared it, there will still be a ton of guards here.

Your target, of course, is right in the middle of all of them.

Taking Jeska's advice, the secret entrance can be found in the gorge to the southeast of the fort.

You'll recognize the area on foot because of all the bodies.

Prepare for a crocodile fight, enter the passage, and fight a crocodile. Then follow the tunnel into the fort.

The entrance may be secret, but it's not secluded, once you start to climb up the chimney out of here, be sure get Senu's eyes on the local guard disposition.

When the coast is clear, make for the guard tower to northeast, then make it yours.

Use your vantage to thin the local guard population, then enter the ground level of the central building, across from the prisoner cages (who you can free in passing, if you like).

In the floor here is Harkhuf's prison.

He'll tell you about the key around Sefetu's neck. Now you can use Senu to find his location.

He sleeps on the uppermost level of the central building. The easiest way to get there is to enter on the second level, then take the ladder up to his quarters.

Assassinate him for the key.

Return and free Harkhuf. The text says to escort him out, but don't worry about him- the man's a ninja. Turn your back on him for a second and he's already outside the fortress walls.

Follow by whatever route you like, either back through the gorge, or just sneak-and-or-killing your way out the gate.

Catch up with Harkhuf and speak to him to end the mission.

Ccheck our location page on Nikiou Fort for tips on killing its officers and stealing its treasures.

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