The Weasel (Side Quest)

The Weasel (Side Quest)

This side quest begins on Apollodorus' Estate, in Kanopos Nome.

Speak to the story-marked steward to begin the quest. He'll tell you to fetch a letter for him from the pigeon tower.

When you get there, things are not quite right. The tower becomes an Investigation area, and you'll have to find five clues as to what happened here. The first is pile of charcoal to the right of the entrance.

The next are some bloodied boards behind the tower.

Climb up to reveal clues three and four- a blood puddle and a broken balcony.

The last clue is the haycart pushed against the wall behind the tower. This contains Ruia's body.

Carry the body to her father to reveal a clue to the killer.

The suspect killer is just a few meters way- speak with him and he'll try to kill you too. He specializes in heavy, unblockable swings, so arm yourself with something relatively nimble, and practise the ol' dodge & dismember routine.

Loot his body for a plot-relevant letter, then return to the steward for a final talk to complete the mission.

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