Thick Skin (Side Quest)

Thick Skin (Side Quest)

A hunting quest that begins near Sau, in Sap-Meh Nome.

Speak to the objective'd woman for directions to her husband's hunting camp, where he might need a hand.

The quickest way there is by boat, so grab one of the empties by the the village.

As you get closer, Senu can give you a pinpoint on the man you're seeking.

As it turns out, he's being attacked by crocodiles. Kill them.

Speak to the tanner for a laundry list of animal parts he needs- trophies from vultures, crocodiles, and hyenas, two of each.

There's no special requested source here- you can hunt these components down anywhere. If you've been playing the game for a while you likely have them on hand already. However you acquire them, hand them over when ready for mission completion.

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