Tomb of Djoser (Location)

Tomb of Djoser (Location)

A pyramid tomb in Saqqara Nome.

A long ramp leads south and down into the tomb.

Continue down, and slide away the rack in the storeroom to proceed.

The path splits at the end of this passage- going uphill to your left and downhill to your right. Before choosing either, slip through the letterbox slot dead ahead.

Loot that chamber, then go down. You'll reach a corner with a crack ahead, and the passage turning down left.

Enter the crack and loot the room, pulling aside the cart to reveal another a room to loot. Open the red chest there and return to the first room, noting the grate.

Smash the pots left of here to reveal a passage into the grated section.

Loot that area too, then pass back out through the crack to rejoin the main passage, and take it downhill. This brings you to a larger room with a scarab wall.

Smash through into a little mini-maze. There aren't actually many branching paths, but it is a little confusing. Just keep pressing forward. Watch for snakes, ignore the stuck sliding rack, and smash any stone wall you see. Some are dummies, but one has a crack through which you can see sparkles. Smash that one to reveal the tablet room.

Read the tablet to complete the location.

You can fast travel out now, or stay to loot. If you keep pressing forward, you'll be able to free the stuck rack in the maze by shooting through a grate, and making the treasure within accessible.

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