Tomb of Smenkhkare (Location)

Tomb of Smenkhkare (Location)

You'll pass through this unusual tomb during the Seven Farmers Quest Look for a cave on the eastern peninsula of Uab Nome, with ruins (and lions) outside.

Take the stairs down to enter the Tomb of Smenkhkare.

Smash the crumbling wall to gain entry.

As ever in a tomb, be sure to loot thoroughly- you can find silica here, and it doesn't exactly grow on trees. When ready, advance by diving into the dark pool, and following the tunnel forward.

As you emerge the second-level door you need to get to is dead ahead, but you can't climb up by normal means- you'll have to use the mobile platforms. This is not a weight-distribution puzzle, this is set-one-platform-then-sprint-to-use-the-other-before-it-descends puzzle.

Loot this level and examine the carvings, then go the room with the two platforms against the scaffolded wall (as you emerged form the water, this room would be on your left). Jump up to the elevated platform to lower it. This will create a path an upper doorway on the far wall.

Quickly jump over to this upper level- you'll find yourself in a dusty corner.

Go through the narrow door on your right to score some silica, then go the other way. There's a platform him, step on it to lower it. You now have a path to your goal marker, but surging forward, swinging around the corner, and hopping over the now-high-platform to the upper level.

Once up top, proceed forward into the tablet room. There are may or may not be enemies here, depending on circumstance, but there are never enough enemies to present a problem

Read the tablet to complete the location, and gain an ability point.

While you're here, be sure to loot the side chambers, and venture through the crack in the far wall of the tablet room to reach Eeyoo Sekedoo Aat.

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