Tomb of the Cynic (Location)

Tomb of the Cynic (Location)

A small tomb in Uab Nome.

Enter a large, sandy cave. There will be few lions loitering in the entry.

Clear them, then carefully scan the area. You'll find some silica, and even a carbon crystal in small box, tucked into the gully behind the main lion room.

Keep scanning- the path of sparkly triangles will lead you to the local tablet- if you keep going slightly uphill, you're on the right track (though there aren't a lot of tracks to chose from).

You can also expect one more lion.

Still, the trail leads ineluctably to the cynic's resting place, and the tablet.

Read the tablet for an ability point and location completion.

There's a crack in the wall you can squeeze through to exit back to the desert, otherwise you can retrace your steps to the cave if you missed any loot.

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