Ulterior Votive (Side Quest)

This quest actually begins at the very end of Ambush at the Temple. The locals are giving Menehet a hard time over substandard collectibles, and Bayek decides to lend a hand. Go to the marketplace, and look for the angry crowd, and the merchant with a wadjet eye above his head.

Talk to him for a rendevous by his farm at nightfall. Make the meeting only to banter a bit, and then be ambushed by two bandits. Destroy them.

Your betrayer will suddenly get talkative, and give you the location of the bandit camp.

Follow the marker to the Eremos Hideout.

As always, use Senu to tag hostiles before wading in. In particular, keep an eye out for the captain, who likes to make a pretty wide patrol of the area.

When the hostiles are dealt with, smash the four marked pots to destroy the false icons.

You can also snag the treasure from inside a tent here to complete the location.

Return to Menehet to complete this mission, and launch right into Lady of Slaughter.

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