Underground Stash (Location)

Underground Stash (Location)

A treasure location in Karanis, Faiyum. You'll investigate as part of the Feeding Faiyum sidequest.

You don't need to go in the front door- check out the eastern side of the site for a back entrance.

All the guards will be facing the front entrance, allowing you to stealth kill your way through.

Take the soldier at the end of the tunnel (he sometimes wanders across the room and back, so may want to wait for him), then drop kill the rogue below.

There's just one other guard to kill on this level, and you can sneak up and kill the front door security if you really want. Both treasures for the location are also on this level, behind the smashable wooden door.

Loot the two red chests here to get both treasures.

This completes the location.

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