Wall-of-the-Ruler (Location)

Wall-of-the-Ruler (Location)

A giant fortress that you'll infiltrate during the Walls-of-the-Ruler story mission. Part of that mission (well, most of it) will involve killing the camp commander, Ampelius.

As in the story mission, this kill doesn't count until you confirm it. The other captain looks just like Ampelius, and is so weak that he can be killed by rebels before you even lay eyes on him. The final captain, in the dogyard, is one of of those super-tough terminator types.

Don't give up any advantage against this guy- snipe him from on high, then kite him along the parapets until he drops.

Collectionwise, there are six treasures to loot. Note that there is also a treasure,just outside the fort walls to the north, by a fallen body, but it doesn't count toward the location goals.

One actual treasure is a tower room, at the end of a protruding walkway in the southeast of the complex.

Look for it against the northeast wall, in a white chest.

Another is inside the large captain/commander's office, in a small red chest left of the desk.

Another is in the same room- a small box of carbon crystals by the sleeping pallet.

Another is in a captain's tent, a little north of the fortress icon on the map.

Look for the large white chest inside.

One treasure is accessible via a secret passage near the main fortress entry to the south.

Enter via the window, and follow the passage up some stairs for much miscellaneous loot, and the treasure on a small table.

The sixth treasure is on the upper level of the stables.

You can enter directly, or hop over via the kilns.

Look for the red chest inside.

Getting everything completes the location.

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