Water Rats (Side Quest)


Another table mission, this one to cleanse a cave of bandits. It's worth doing this one before facing the Ibis- the loot is pretty good. Start by riding to the mission area, north of Siwa.

Once there you can use Senu to quickly identify the cave where the bandits are hiding.

Just outside you'll find a concerned local who reiterates the quest to you. Inside, bandits.

The bandits are thick enough on the upper level that stealth can be time consuming- you're probably better off with a series of headshots.

Note the arrow cache by the wooden bridge here, if you need to refill before your assault on the lower level.

There aren't that many bandits below, and you already have the drop on them. use arrows or stealth attacks to take them apart.

You'll probably have to drop down to snag the last kill, which will be toward the back of the lower caves. Still, no special powers or weapons, and he goes down to a headshot like any normal man would. Killing the last bandit completes the mission.

You can also complete the Amanai Cave location objective while you're here, which is to loot three chests. They are- On the uppermost cave level- right of the entrance, but you'll have to bear left and follow the ledge clockwise to get to it.

In the crook of the wooden stairway.

One the lowest level, by the water, close to the stairs and very close to the arrow cache here.

Getting all three completes the location.

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