Wharf of the Aten (Aten)

Wharf of the Aten

One of the relic statue locations in Aten. The relic statue and the commander are in a watery dais in the center, while the two treasures are in the two buildings at the back (north side) of the complex.

This a large area, but the guards are very spread out, and the water's edge gives an easy-access stealth approach to pretty much everyone.

The treasure in the northwest building is a small box of carbon crystals.

The treasure in the northeast building is in a large red chest. While moving between the two, you'll likely have the chance to kill the captain.

The commander is easily sniped, but the relatively restricted movement here makes this a good place to go for the Pyromaniac achievement as well. Either way, killing him completes the location, and gives you access to the relic statue.

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