White Desert Sobek Ruins (Location)

White Desert Sobek Ruins (Location)

A bandit camp in the White Desert Oasis. You'll clean the place out during the Fires of Dionysus side quest.

The best point of access, at least at night, is the sleeping area in the southwest corner. Just hop over the fence to thin the bandit numbers, including their highest level fighter.

One of the location treasures is here as well, in a small red chest.

Snipe the other hostiles, then melee any survivors that make it into range.

Confirm-kill their leader if you're on the quest, otherwise just kill him.

To complete the location be sure to grab the second treasure from the north side of camp, on a dining table.

And then the final treasure in a large red chest at the base of the giant statue to the west.

Getting this last one completes the location.

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