Wild Ride (Side Quest)

Wild Ride (Side Quest)

This mission becomes available after completing the Old Times quest outside the Hippodrome. Go to the Zephyros Stables to speak with Nikias.

He'll take you to speak with his father, and then you'll go on a chariot ride together. There's no time limit or reward here, so just play it safe- it's almost impossible to K-Turn a chariot if you miss your mark. Also avoid the auto-follow option- it tends to take you off-course.

Return to find that the prize horse has been stolen. Join Nikias and a number of no-names in hunting down the bandits. Ride along with the gang, and dismount when they do.

Your still some ways from the bandit camp, but you're scheduled to be ambushed here, by bandits and wildlife alike. Nikias can't die but the other NPCs can. There seems to be no lasting impact for this, but if you care about such things, watch out for them. Luckily, *you* can't kill them, so put those pole-arms to good use.

This ambush is actually pretty comprehensive, even before the crocodiles get involved. Whether you save them or not, be sure to use the NPCs to your advantage- a soldier busy attacking them is a soldier with his back open to you. It's also worth sniping the horse archers if they start picking on you- Nikias & co will see to it that this isn't a stealthy mission.

When the ambush is cleared, press on to the camp. Scan, but don't take too long, as the NPC greens will just charge in as soon as they get there.

Be sure to use the same NPC flanking techniques against the captain- he's a surprisingly good blocker who's constantly in adrenaline mode.

Kill everyone else. Before leaving you should probably stop and grab the Treasure in the middle of camp, to complete this location.

Follow your marker to the stolen horse, mount up, and return to the stables. The other NPCS won't be able to keep up, but that's what they get for ditching their own horses earlier.

Drop off the horse at the stables to complete the mission.

This unlocks the mount Black Arrow for your use. You'd think a horse names Black Arrow would be black, but I guess that's showbiz for you.

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