Wrath of the Poets (Side Quest)

Wrath of the Poets

This becomes available in Alexandria after meeting Aya there.

Speak to Phanos in the amphitheatre to kick things off.

You'll need to rescue some actors- the first in Akra Garrison. Scan it to find your wayward thespian near the south wall.

You'll need to carry him out, so it's wise to assassinate a path to the door- you can't carry him up walls.

If you do get spotted, consider freeing some rebels to distract the guards. There are a lot of them.

Once you've carried the actor out of the fort, he'll be able to stand again. Speak to him to learn about the other two actors you're seeking.

Their house is just north, on the west side of the canal.

There'll be a lot of guards about, but there always are in the city. You can tell which ones are coming for you specifically, because they'll be Level 20, rather then usual Alexandrian 8 or 9.

It's better to ambush these guys before you reach the house, so they can't make trouble later.

When the street is clear, enter the house for another actor.

You'll need to escort him to the main street. Take the stairs up behind his house- you shouldn't have to worry about the patrol any more, but do keep an eye open for lone sentries.

Once he's back on the street, this actor too will take off, leaving you to retrieve the script from the Armory.

Unlike the treasure before, the script is being held by a person, so you'll have to fight for it. The high walls make a drop kill very tempting- use a whistle or arrow to lure your target into the open if you have to. When he's dead, confirm the kill to regain the script.

Return to Phanos, right where you left him.

Speak with him to complete the mission.

This makes available the new side quest The Symposiasts.

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