Consumed King’s Garden

After you defeat Dancer of the Boreal Valley, climb the ladder and take a left if you want to explore the Consumed King’s Garden, which is a short optional area. But defeating the boss of this area allows you to explore a couple more areas so it’s worthwhile. But if you would rather head to the next Lord of Cinder, proceed straight after climbing the ladder, and check out the Lothric Castle section of the walkthrough.

As you enter the walkway, the door immediately to your right is locked at the moment, but you’ll eventually be able to open it from the other side to create a shortcut to the boss fight. Down the path you’ll find a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior and a Cathedral Knight. You’ve fought these enemies before, so tread carefully and make use of the opening he creates when he’s trying to buff his mace. Defeat the Knight and take the lift to go down.

When you see the first platform as you are descending, hop off onto it. If you missed the jump, don’t worry, just take the lift back up again so you can hop onto that platform. From here, you can get a better view of what lay ahead.

The ground floor in the next area is mostly toxic and there are 3 of the consumed mutations patrolling ahead. So Blooming Purple Moss Clumps will be useful here, as well as firebombs or flaming weapons.

Go down the stairs to your right to find an Estus Shard. Head left and drop down on the platform below for a Titanite Chunk. Drop down to the toxic floor and dash to a safe area Assuming the monstrosity is not in range, you can try to search the other side of the building you came out from for a Ring of Sacrifice.

You will notice a raised platform at the center of this pond where a Cathedral Knight awaits. 3 of the mutated enemies are patrolling the area with one of them circling the platform in the center. Try not to pull more than one of them at once.

Kill the patrolling mutated enemy or sneak past it onto the platform to take on the Cathedral Knight. From here, if you want to grab all the loot in the area, you may want to take on the other monstrosities as well, or if you’re feeling brave, you can run around grabbing the loot while avoiding them. It’s safer to clear the area first, even if it may take a bit longer. Use firebombs, fire based weapons, and fire damage spells to kill the monstrosities. Fire essentially stuns these enemies for a bit allowing you to do some damage while they are recoiling.

There’s more than the monstrosities here, however. Many slugs are lurking in the pond, as well as a few Hollows waiting by some trees to the left. If you approach these Hollows, make sure to kill them fast before they mutate as well. Below the raised platform, you will find Black Firebomb, Human Pine Resin, a Claw, and the full Shadow Armor Set.

Moving forward from the raised platform, check left for some stairs leading to a Dark Gem. Up the stairs is also a corpse holding a Titanite Chunk. You will notice a platform opposite from here that leads to the boss (with a summon sign for Hawkwood if you want his help). Search for 2 more corpses in the corner for a Titanite Chunk and 2 Human Pine Resin.

Look for the door that leads to a lift. Take the lift all the way up and enter a room filled with Thralls. As you charge at the first Thralls you see, two more will ambush you so be prepared. Carefully defeat the thralls and the Hollow Clerics in the room.

Under the overhang is a Titanite Scale. Now go back up the stairs and loot the Titanite Chunk near the door. Opening this door creates the shortcut from the bonfire and the boss fight.

With the shortcut established go back to the lift and hop off at the midpoint onto a walkway that leads to the area before the boss. On the way, loot the Dragonscale Ring. As you approach the entrance, you will find a Hollow Cleric facing away from you. Sneak up on it to take it out and then prepare to fight 2 Cathedral Knights. You can always try to sprint past them into the boss area, but if you do fight them, try pulling them one by one with throwing knives or an arrow. Defeating both the Knights will reward you a Magic Stoneplate Ring. Once you are done clearing, it’s time to face Oceiros, The Consumed King


This very vocal boss will use a staff to attack you which you can block or dodge fairly easily. The trick is to stay under him and behind him to damage him as much as you can. To counteract this, the boss does backpedal away, so watch the distance as you press the attack. He will sometimes jump in the air and dive at you which you should dodge carefully. If he raises his staff and plants it on the ground, it’s time to turn around and run away as he summons an icy mist that does a lot of damage if you linger there. But in between his attacks, keep pressuring him while chipping away at his health.

During phase 2, the boss will become even crazier and more unpredictable. He will do some charges like Vordt, but if you stick close to him, the frequency of his charging attack does dwindle. If you’re too far away from him, he will jump in the air and shoot crystal shards at you. As in phase 1, try to stick close to him and behind him, while blocking or rolling past his close range attacks.

If you stick to his hind side, just watch for his tail and you should be fine. He is weak to lightning, so using a lightning infused weapon or one buffed with Gold Pine Resin is very effecting. His attacks are magic based, so if you want more defense, try wearing magic resistant armor. As a Pyromancer, the boss is very easy. All you have to do is maintain a distance while shooting spells at him and dodging his charges and lunges. Sorcerers may have an issue because the boss has very high magic resistance, so high intelligence and stacking equipment that boosts magic damage is recommended.

This is one of the easier boss fights in the game. After you defeat him, you will obtain the Soul of Consumed Oceiros. Light the bonfire and open the door leading into a tomb. Only one serpent man enemy awaits at the end of this path. As you enter the chamber look for the corpse on the altar that holds a Path of the Dragon Emote, which you will need to access Archdragon Peak (remember that spot back in Irithyll Dungeon?). Look for the 2 chests in the chamber containing a Titanite Scale each.

From here, you can go back and enter Lothric Castle, explore Archdragon Peak, or you can strike the wall behind the chest to reveal an Illusory Wall! This secret area is the Untended Graves, that will look eerily familiar.

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