Blueprint Locations

As with the other Dead Rising games before it, Dead Rising 4 has a plethora of combo weapons for you to put together and smash some zombie heads with. To be able to make them though, you need to find the blueprints first. Whilst, in a show of kindness from the developers, you can buy maps from vendors that will enable you to see these on your minimap, we’ve put together a complete list for you so that you’ll never go wrong.




Willamette Memorial Megaplex


  • Blast From the Past - Melee

You’ll get this as part of the Case 0 Prologue mission. It’s on a crate after Vick takes off, and is part of the mission.


  • Frotzee Penguin - Melee

In a locker the back of the Frotzee stand in the group of shops to your left, right after you crash land at the start of Case 1. To get into the locker you need to grab the key from the circular bar just down from the crash site.


  • Blambow - Ranged

When you meet Brad at the hotel, it’s behind the counter beside Connor.


  • Umbrella Gun - Ranged

In the panic room at the same hotel. Grab the key in the women’s bathroom just outside the hotel’s entrance then scan with the spectrum analyser the wall at the back beside the elevators.


  • Electric Wreath - Melee

As you pass through the security room in the hotel with the headless body of the manager, the key should be right there. Use this on the locker in the back of the El Mode shop in Miami Boardwalk


  • Kill-O-Watt - Vehicle

Complete the go kart race challenge in Miami Boardwalk to unlock the cage in the middle of the track containing the blueprint.


  • Fish Launcher - Ranged

In a locker in the Pirate’s Catch Restaurant in Caribbean Cove. The key is in the clocktower up the curved stairs in front of the yellow building.


  • Bogey Monster - Vehicle

This is in Homerunners on the upper level between Caribbean Cove and Kiichiro Plaza.


  • Laser Sword - Melee

In Charms of Desire on the upper level between Caribbean Cove and Miami Boardwalk.


  • Floating Lantern - Melee

Inside Oh San’s Sushi in Kiichiro Plaza on the shop counter.


  • Ornament Gun - Ranged

In the Mad Love Tees shop just before the main entrance to Medieval Town


  • Acid Maul - Melee

Inside the Medieval Town Museum shop, just to the left of the main entrance and the Sword in the Stone.


  • MowerHawg - Vehicle

Further into Medieval town inside the Ye Olde Toy Box shop on the counter, in the same square you fight the boss.


  • Santa Trap - Melee

Head for Santa’s Village in the Central Plaza. On Santa’s seat in the middle of the display there will be a key. Grab it then go into the North Pole Town Square Workshop. Use your spectrum analyzer on the bookcase to the left of the counter to find the panic room and the blueprint.


  • Slicing Beauty - Melee

Just outside Central Plaza is a collection of military tents that the main mission will take you to. First, grab the key from the open sided tent that’s in front of you as you leave the mall, then go into the tents, use the analyzer on the second tent to find the locker with the blueprint.


Old Town


  • Warmonger - Vehicle

This is given to you as part of the beginning of Case 2. You’ll meet a survivor in the parking garage you go through at the beginning of the level who’ll tell you to pick it up. It’s on the hood of a car just to the right of her.


  • Roto Killer - Vehicle

On a bench in the park that’s in front of the shopping mall, near the public toilets


  • Flaming Sword - Melee

Buried in the ground near the circular plaza in the same park as the Roto Killer, to the West of that blueprint. You’ll need to use the analyzer to find where it’s buried, then use an exosuit to dig it up.


  • Roaring Thunder - Melee

On the counter in the Tetro’s Comic’s shop, near the emergency shelter


  • Ice Sword - Melee

This is on the counter in the apartment above the drug store. You need to go here as part of Case 2 anyways, but if you’ve missed it, you can climb up onto the roof using the bin and emergency ladder behind the store, then get into the apartment through the open window.


  • Sling Rot - Vehicle

On the stairs on the side of the chapel south of the emergency shelter, opposite the liquor store


  • Split Shot - Ranged

Buried at the military checkpoint in front of the mall, behind some sandbags. Use the analyzer to find it, then use the exosuit nearby to dig it up


  • Holey Terror

On the counter in the upstairs kitchen in the fire hall you go to as part of Case 2


  • Holiday Junk

On Santa’s chair in the christmas tree lot that you go to when you investigate the maniacs in this area.


West Ridge


  • Bon Bomb - Melee

On a table inside the workshop at Tom’s farm


  • Tread Maker - Vehicle

In the locked garage on Tom’s Farm. The keys are in the secret room in the closet that you can’t access until Case 5


  • Nut Blaster - Ranged

In the panic room under the garage in the “Patriots Residence”. The house on of those on the Western edge of the map, in the town. To get access, take the key from the garage in the emergency shelter then use the analyzer to find the entrance.


  • Suckmaster 3000 - Thrown

In the panic room at the “Mekanick’s Residence”, which is a house in the northwestern part of the town. The the key to the panic room is in the garage, and the room itself is in the floor of the shed.


  • Magic Wand - Melee

On a table in the “Brieder Residence”, which is next door to the Mekanick’s.


  • Sledge Saw - Melee

Buried near the flagpole in the courtyard of the Jr. High School. Use the analyzer to find it, then there’s an exosuit at the nearby church you can use to dig it up.


  • Gandalf - Melee

In a locker in the “Gardener's Residence”, which is just to the north of the road that comes off the bridge. The key is in a bedroom on the bedside table.


  • Hit Maker - Ranged

On a table just in the front door of the “Muzak’s Residence”, which is to the south-west of the Gardener Residence.


  • Ice Chain Gun - Ranged

On the kitchen counter in the “Quizeen Residence” which is directly south of the Muzak residence.


  • Deck the Halls - Melee

This is on the kitchen counter in the house where you meet with Blackburne for the first time in Case 3.


  • Cryonic Commando - Vehicle

In the corner of the barn closest to the entrance to the dam, on some bales.


North Peak


  • Sentry Kittens - Melee

Buried in a time capsule at the exit to the Dam, underneath the “Willamettee Hydroelectric Station” sign. Use your analyzer to find it, then use an exosuit to dig it up


  • Jurassic Barf - Melee

In the open room under the stairs in the Peaks Motel in the northwest corner, on a table


  • Back Cracker - Melee

On a table by the entrance of Nickoll’s Ink, east of the Motel


  • DIY Grenade - Thrown

Inside the pool hall on the bar. You can go here any time, but you’ll have to go here as part of Case 4 anyways.


  • Sticky Bomb - Thrown

In a locker at the Mackenzie Auto Shop, south of the motel. To get the locker key requires a little bit of a convoluted process. First, get the panic room key from the garage, use it to open the panic room, in which you’ll find the locker key.


  • Creep Fryer - Vehicle

In the panic room by the bathrooms at the Glitter Dolls nightclub, east of Nickoll’s Ink. The key is at the back entrance.


  • Soundwave Trap - Thrown

On the counter in the WLD radio building, to the east of the nightclub.


  • Ion Cannon - Ranged

On the counter in Gruff n’ Tuff motors near the emergency shelter


  • Acid Rain - Ranged

This is located in the Kippax Cement Factory. When you’re climbing up the factory, trying to find a way across, after you find the vacuum upgrade for the exosuit, destroy the wall to your right to find the blueprint.


Unlocked for Case Completion


  • Equalizer - Melee

Complete Case 1


  • Electric Axe - Melee

Complete Case 2


  • Dynameat - Thrown

Complete Case 3


  • Bazooka Cannon - Ranged

Complete Case 4


  • Tripod Zapper - Melee

Complete Case 5


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