Case 0

This prologue section acts as a setup for the story, and as a tutorial to get you back in the “swing” of things. No? Okay, no more puns.


That Old Nightmare

The game drops you right in the thick of it in a cold open. You’re surrounded by infinitely spawning zombies, luckily you keep getting given weapons to try out. The objectives are pretty simple though, just hack your way towards the glowing ghost of your younger self, learning the controls as you go.

Take as much time as you need to get the hang of killing the zombies, and you can always check the manual, as the game isn’t great at telling you all the controls. For example, using the kick clears zombies away, or to overhead smash if you’re using a 2 handed weapon. Follow your ghost as it teleports around, then when you get to the end of the road, watch the cutscene.

Minigolf Night

Watch the cutscene, then when you’re in control, head right into the guard hut and open the drawer to get the keycard.


Once you’ve got it, sneak past the guard and get into the complex. You’ll see a few people downstairs with some soldiers, take their picture to document the evidence and learn about the photo mechanic.

Go through the gate, watch the cutscene, then it’s more zombie killing time. Punch the first zombie out, then go into the next room, pick up the wrench and prepare to do battle with some more zeds. Once you’ve cleared out some of them, you’ll be given a breather before you need to fight the biggest load of them. Head behind you to pick up the stun baton, and use the healing items, then kill all the remaining zombies.


With that done head to the next objective, which is an introduction to the investigation mechanic. This is essentially a simplistic treasure hunt style puzzle, where you need to take pictures of the right items in the area, using the right filter, to complete them. When you’re pointing the camera at something worthwhile, the viewfinder will blink to let you know, and the game will complain at you until you switch to the right filter as well.

For this first one you need pictures of:

  • The globe of lights or cameras above the circular cage

  • The device with arms above the bloody chair

  • The boxes of drugs on the desk to the right of the circular cage

When you’ve got these 3 pictures, follow your objective into the darkened room to learn about camera filters, then head for the screens at the back right-hand corner and interact with them to watch the CCTV footage. Cutscene over, follow the objective outside and to the next building, where you’ll learn how to use the spectrum analyzer to access keypads. Inside, wait until you can interact with the two terminals, then roast the zombie. In the next room is another investigation.


You need pictures of:

  • The 3 bodies

  • The DNA analysis on the bright board on the wall to the left of the bodies

  • Use the spectrum analyzer and take a picture of the body inside the tank in the corner of the room

Once that’s done, follow Vick and then watch the cutscene.


After she’s killed the zombie and alerted the guards, you’ll find yourself caught in a room full of zeds. Follow the games instructions to create the Blast From the Past explosive sledge, then go into the room full of zeds and wade in. The explosive sledge will make short work of the crowds, so all you need to worry about is getting all of them.

Once that’s done and the zombies are in varying states of dismemberment, go through the door into the next room with the walkway, use the spectrum analyzer to activate the console and release the zeds on the soldiers then make your escape to complete the prolog.


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