Case 2

Investigating Obscuris

Head through the parking garage, make sure to search the trunks of cars as you go for any goodies they might have. Talk to the survivor to get the Warmonger blueprint. Make the combo vehicle, then ride it into the zombie hordes outside, make sure to have fun.

Follow your waypoint through the town, head inside the marked building then talk to Paula. Once you do, it’ll start an investigation. The parts you need are:


  • A picture of the map on the wall behind Paula

  • A picture of the scattered files on the worktop in the darkened section of the room

  • Open the right-hand drawer of the filing cabinets against the left-hand wall in the row beside the worktop with the files on it, take a picture of the files inside

Once that’s done, speak to Paula again to get the marker for the drug store. If you still have your Warmonger, hop back in that, if not there’s a driveable military humvee nearby you can use to plow through the zombies and get yourself to the drug store. When you get there, follow your marker around the back. You’ll see a bin and an emergency escape ladder that you can climb to get to the roof. Climb up, kill the zombies, then get into the apartment through the window. This will start another investigation, what you need is:


  • A picture of the photos on the wall above the table

  • Picture of the military body strung up by his feet in the kitchen

  • Pick up the panic room key from the table under the photos, then go to the end of the hallway and use the analyzer to find the entrance at the bookcase

Inside the panic room will be multiple weapons and healing items so stock up. Also, there’s a blueprint for the Icesword on the counter in the kitchen. It’s an amazing crowd control weapon, and with the components for it laying around, making one would be a good idea.

When you’re ready, listen to the radio, then head back out of the apartment and go to the fire hall.


Head inside the fire hall and upstairs. In the kitchen to the left will be a blueprint for the Holey Terror and a Graffiti Tag.

Go along the hallway, put on the exosuit, then jump down the fire pole and set to work clearing out all the zombies. The exosuit will help you make short work of them, but it’s slow so make sure to pick your moments to attack.

When it’s cleared, it’ll start another investigation. To complete you’ll need:

  • A picture of the tablet inside the green crate

  • A picture of the map on the wall

  • A picture of the strung up soldier to the right of the map


With those you’ll finish the investigation and be told to head for the Junk Yard.


Pursuing Obscuris

Go to the Junk Yard and talk to Paula. Once that’s finished, use the green crate beside her to climb over the wall and enter the yard. The game will try at this point to tell you to use stealth, but it’s entirely unnecessary due to the enemy soldier AI being about as smart, and as aware, as a brain damaged slug. Kill your way through the place, and if you encounter a shield soldier, just use a gun and aim for his legs to take him out.

When you get to the waypoint there will be a short cutscene, and you’ll be introduced to a boss. The flame trooper might seem scary, but he’s actually pretty simple to beat. Just use your dodge to get behind him, then unload into the fuel tanks, repeat until he’s dead. Make sure to keep your distance as he’s most dangerous at close range.

When he’s dead, Paula will appear again, talk to her to be told to head for West Ridge. Grab a vehicle and follow the waypoint. When you get to the bridge you’ll get another cutscene.


Thwarting the Ambush

Speak to Isaac to get the details, then grab a vehicle and head for the waypoint. When you get there, go into the school grounds and kill the soldiers fighting with Hammond. With them dead, follow her to the injured survivors and then protect them whilst she heals them. There are weapons and healing items scattered around the place, so grab what you need, then set up behind a crate and kill everyone who tries to get through. Aim for the head if you can. An exo trooper will show up, but they’re not really a big deal. Just keep fire on them to keep them in place then chuck a couple of grenades, that should take care of them. When they’re all dead, cue cutscene.


Infiltrating the Dam

Get a vehicle and follow the waypoint to the entrance of the dam. Kill the soldiers guarding the entrance and head inside.

There you’ll find Darcy in darkness. First things first is to turn on the lights, which you can do at the breaker box on the pillar to the right of Darcy. With the lights on, speak to Darcy then you’ll have another investigation. To complete you need:

  • A picture of the files on the desk behind Darcy

  • A picture of the timeline that’s on the stand across the from in front of Darcy

  • Turn on the projector then take a picture of what’s shown on the screen

With that finished, head out of the room and follow your waypoint. You’ll have to take a winding route through the dam to get to it, but luckily the game makes it easy to follow as there isn’t another way to go. Kill the soldiers as you come to them, you can be stealthy if you want but there’s not a whole lot of point, and keep going until you get to the marker. Once there you’ll get another cutscene, and you’ll also get spotted, but not before you get to grab an exosuit.


You’ll be fighting the Lieutenant and obscuris soldiers, which might seem like a lot, but with an exosuit and a minigun, it’s not too bad at all. Use the gun to mow down the soldiers until the Lieutenant decides to fight you himself. He’s exactly the same as the flame soldier you fought earlier, and the same tactics work. Get behind him and either unload your gun into him, or just use your fists.

Whatever the case, repeat this tactic a few times to ensure his death. Whilst you’re fighting him, try to get a picture of his face as he’s one of the collectible People of Interest. When he goes down, that’s this particular Case complete.


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