Case 4

Working with Hammond

Head out of the winery, grab a vehicle (there’s an ATV in the grounds) and head for the marker to meet Hammond. The zombie population has increased since the last case, and there are now evolved zombies roaming the streets, so be aware of that. When you get to the housing estate, you’ll have 4 houses to check, but you only really need to find the correct one, which is the house under construction on the far left of the estate with the locked front door.

Head around the back and through the back door then search the house for Hammond. When you find her a cutscene will start. When it’s over, talk to Hammond then head for the pool hall. There’s a civilian humvee parked nearby that makes for good transport to get there. When you get there you’ll have to clear it of zombies, including a couple of evolved ones.

Assaulting the Army Base

With that done head for your objective to meet Hammond at the army base wall. Pick up the explosives and then use your analyzer to find the weak point in the wall near the corner at the intersection. Plant the explosives, blow the wall then head inside.

Kill the soldiers that come to stop you as Hammond is getting into the control room. When she’s inside, head into the room she unlocks and put on the exosuit, plus grab any weapons you want from inside. You’ll have unlimited power here so don’t worry about being efficient with your movements. Head for your first marker and take out the comm tower, then kill all the soldiers who are sent after you.

When that’s done, open the gate and head through. There will be some exo weapons in the open tent you pass, so if you want any grab them. When you reach the next section, instead of going around the path, hop up onto the crates to your right to jump up and over the wall, which will put you right beside the tower you need to destroy.

When it’s down, you’ll have to once again fend of an attack by the soldiers. There’s more of them this time, and a few of them have rocket launchers, so staying on the move is a good idea. There’s a Railgun in the green crate in the middle of the courtyard, which can help you cut through the ranks. You’ll also face a flame trooper here, but with an exo suit on, he’s not much of a threat.

Once all the soldiers are dead, you’ll have to deal with a few evolved zombies. With them dead, head through the next gate. There’s an open sided tent with healing items if you need them, and a military exosuit power up. This will give you a .50cal gun on your shoulder, and punches that explode, so you become seriously powerful. Note, whilst the punches are fun, the mounted gun is so powerful that there’s not much point in using anything else. It chews through everything at a ridiculous rate.

Fight your way through the courtyard to the last tower you need to destroy and take it out. When it’s down, you’ll no longer have unlimited power, so be aware of your movements. Exit the base and you’ll be greeted by a sea of zombies. Use the cannon on your shoulder to mow them down, as well as the soldiers who are fighting them, head for the door and get inside.



Stealing from Obscuris

When you’re inside, follow the objective marker to the end of the building to find the lab in the gym, which will start a new investigation.

To complete you’ll need:

  • A picture of the computer monitoring the captured evolved zombie

  • Head inside the cage then take a picture of the puzzle cube

  • A picture of the memo on the desk to the right of the captured zombie

At some point during the investigation, you’ll be attacked by a few evolved zombies. Use the usual tactics to take them out, and finish off whatever part of the investigation you’ve not completed.

When it’s complete, follow your marker through the door and downstairs to the basement. There will be a few zombies you need to clear out here, including one evolved, but they’re nothing major to worry about. Kill them then head through the back.

There’s another investigation here. To complete it you’ll need:

  • A picture of the server on the desk

  • Spectrum analyzer picture of the bloodied white box on the floor

  • A picture of the broken glass tank on the wall

With that done, grab the video file from the archives, then play it on the computer to start the cutscene.


Escaping with your life

When you’ve got control again, use the night vision to find the dead soldier’s body at the back of the room, and the security card on his body. Use that to exit, then head for the objective. When you get there, there will be another short cutscene, then you’ll be fighting Fontana. Despite her badass demeanor, she’s actually pretty easy to beat. Just hammer her with your most powerful ranged weapon until the cutscene starts.

When the cutscene’s done, that’s Case 4 complete!


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