Case 5

Escaping the horde

First things first is to get out of the base. There’s a decent number of zombies around, as well as a few specials, both fresh and evolved types. Fight your way to the gate and get through to be updated on your objective, which is to head for the West Ridge shelter.

Returning the Favor

There’s a military humvee just down the road from the base entrance, so grab that and head for the shelter.

When you get there, head into the courtyard, then use the school buses to climb up onto the roof of the vehicle bay and get a better view of the situation. This will start a new investigation, to complete you’ll need:

  • A picture of the body on the top of the fence to the left

  • A picture of the bodies in the back of the van to the right

With that complete, jump down and go through the entrance gates and round the back of the shelter to find the breaker box. Activate it to reset the alarm and open the doors, and head inside. There will be 4 human enemies just as you get in the door, but they’re lightly armed, so take them out.

After this, you’ll get an objective change to close all the doors in the shelter to keep the zeds out. There are two on the main floor, one at the front, one in the garage, and one on the lower floor. The place will now be crawling with zombies you need to clear out, so set about sweeping the place from top to bottom of anything bitey, then once that’s done, talk to Connor to find out where Hammond is.


Taking Revenge

Head for Tom’s Farm. It’s literally just up the road from the shelter, so you don’t need to worry about long travel time at least. Again, whilst it’s possible to stealth it up in this section, Dead Rising 4 is just not meant to be stealthed, so just kill whoever gets in your way and head for the main farmhouse.

Go upstairs to Tom’s bedroom, then into the closet and use the analyzer on the wall to find the hidden room. Finding the room will start a new investigation, to complete it you’ll need:

  • Analyzer picture of the diary on the desk beside the jukebox

  • A picture of the mask in the corner beside the bookshelf

  • Picture of the execution warrant on the desk

  • Take the picture above the sofa down and then take a picture of the blood painting behind it

Claiming the Evidence

After the investigation is complete, a call from Brad will point you towards the Cement Factory where Hammond has been taken. Grab a vehicle and head there. When you get there, you’ll have to find a way to the top. First, head right around fence you arrive at and keep going until you reach the portable office.

The lift up the crane will be blocked, so instead head through the door with the green “Kippax” sign above it and go upstairs. Follow the path and you’ll be faced with the first of a good few evolved zombies. This one will break through the wooden wall, so make sure to note which walls are the breakable ones as this is important later. Kill the two evolved zombies then hack through the wall and head upstairs. There will be another evolved zombie at the top of the stairs, as well as an exosuit.

Put on the exosuit and use it to punch through the wall to your right, only to be greeted by two more evolved zombies. Kill them then head left past the antenna, punch through the wall, then kill the two evolveds that turn up. Once they’re dead, go up the stairs and grab the vaccum upgrade for the exosuit. As with all the exo upgrades, this will make you absurdly strong, especially in melee. Punch through the wall then use your new found power to wreak havoc on the zombies that are in your way. When everything’s dead, leap down onto the platform and go to the marker to start the cutscene.

When you’re back in control, you’ll be fighting Tom. He’ll set himself up behind some cover and take pot shots and throw explosives. If you have a Blambow or similar explosive launcher, just hammer him, if not, just shoot him or throw grenades until he destroys the cover and runs away. When he does this he’ll send a few of his lackeys after you, but they’re not particularly strong. Kill them, then continue pummelling Tom until he moves again. Kill his lackeys and then you’ll be at the last stage of the fight. He’ll trap himself in a corner, so just lob any explosives you have at him until the fight ends.


Back on the Case

Once Tom’s dead and you’re back in control, talk to Hammond, then head for the lift. Once you’re back on the ground, fight your way through the zombies to the marker, then jump down onto the tracks. Hack through the zombies until you reach Jordan, who’ll give you the explosives you’ll need.

When you have the explosives, head into the sewers. Follow the tunnels to once again reach the same junction room that you first fought the evolved zombies. There you’ll need to kill a bunch of normal zombies, plus a couple of evolveds. You should be an old hat at this by now, so just go ahead and set to killing.

When they’re all dead, before you plant the explosive, make sure to gather up as many healing items as you can carry, you’ll need them for the next part, trust us. Also, if you have any spare level points, put them all into stamina. Again, trust us. When you’re ready, use the analyzer to find where you need to plant the explosives. Set them, and blow the gate off, then head through.


In this new section of tunnels, there are a lot of evolveds. Take it steady and utilise any powerful melee weapons you have like the Laser Sword to take them out. At one point you’ll find a room full of sleeping evolveds. You can try to creep past them, but the stealth is a bit janky so it’s basically anyone’s guess as to whether it will work. If you use any of your healing items, try to replace them as much as possible. Follow the tunnel around until you hit a door. At this point the game will warn you that this is the point of no return. So if you’re wanting to collect more blueprints, or other collectibles, now’s the time to back out and go do it. If not, go through the door to start the cutscene.


After the cutscene, you’ll be dropped in with 3 evolveds, but don’t bother fighting them. Just go straight for the hard drive.


When you get it, there will be a short cutscene, then when you’re back in control, run. No seriously, hold that sprint button and go as hard as you can. This is possibly the hardest part of the entire game, as the fire behind you doesn’t slow down, so if you slow for even a moment, it’ll catch you and kill you. Go past the first lot of zombies in the tunnel and up the stairs onto a walkway where Calder will start throwing barrels at you. Keep moving, but make sure to grab the first aid kit from the body on the right as you pass by.

Keep going past the next lot of zombies. There will be evolveds in amongst them that will occasionally roar and make you stagger and slow down. Try to get through as fast as you can and up the next set of stairs onto the next walkway, where there will be bottled water on the body on the left.

Repeat this one more time, this time with the headache pills on the next walkway you hit, then head through the doorway into the tunnels away from the fire. At this point Calder will being to chase you. Don’t stop for anything, just sprint straight for the door at the end to start the cutscene and end the Case.

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