Case 6

Welcome to the final Case of the game, congratulations for getting this far!

Getting Your Camera Back

The beginning of this Case is a chase. Head down the corridor and open the door to start it off. You’ll need to chase Vick through the mall, making sure not to let her get too far away. This isn’t particularly difficult, although she will occasionally throw stun grenades to slow you down. Either dodge roll over them, or just take the hit and keep sprinting after you recover. Compared to the sprint you just did, this is a walk in the park.

Chase her until she closes the shutter on you and you’re forced to go upstairs to cut her off. Do this, then follow your marker until the cutscene starts and you begin the fight will Calder.


Battling the Lord of Zombies

This fight is broken into multiple segments, and this first one is not one you’re meant to win. If you try to shoot him, you’ll do no damage, and if you go close, he’ll kick your ass. Just run around until Vick opens the gate to the spa and you can get the exosuit.

Now you’ve got that, this fight is quite a bit more even. For being so strong, Calder actually doesn’t have many moves in his arsenal. If you go close range he’ll take one hit, then knock you down with major damage, so don’t bother with that yet. He’ll occasionally toss grenades at you, which you can dodge easy enough, and if you’re far enough away, he’ll do a leaping or charging attack. This is the one you want to bait out, as if he does this and misses, his fist will get stuck in the floor, allowing you 3-4 free hits. Just stay far away from him, dodge any grenades and wait for the leap, then dodge and punish. The electric christmas trees are particularly good weapons as they’ll allow you to hit him outside of his retaliation range.

Once you get him low enough on health he’ll leap up onto one of the video screens and start recharging his health from it. At the same time, a bunch of evolveds and normal zeds will pour into the arena. Focus on killing the evolveds as they’re the ones the game counts towards the timing of Calder’s recharge. Once you’ve killed enough zombies Calder will jump back into the fight. Use the exact same tactics as you did before and wear him down until he jumps away to recharge again. Kill off the zombies that appear and in the meantime Vick will overload the generator to force him to jump back into the fight. Once he does, she’ll also open another shop for you, which will give you access to the electricity exosuit upgrade.



This will increase your damage by a good amount. Use the same tactics as before, kill the zombies when they appear, then same tactics again once Calder is back down, then kill zombies, then same tactics once he’s down, then kill zombies, then it’s finally time to kill Calder. He doesn’t change his tactics up at all during this last segment, but you’ll do more damage to him. Beat him down until the cutscene.


Living to Tell the Tale

Calder is dead, but you’ve still got to get out of there. Follow Brad and Vick through the mall, killing any zombies that might get in your way. During this time, if you can make any crowd control weapons, especially explosive ones, do so. At this point, you don’t need to worry about Brad or Vick as they can more than take care of themselves. Follow them until you get the cutscene and are through the doors, then it’s time to fight like hell.

You’re going to be fighting the horde on a scale you’ve probably not done so until now. Use what you have to control the numbers that will literally be pouring into the area, which is pretty small, but try not to use any of your big weapons yet, you’ve got a lot more fighting to do. There will be weapons available on the tables, so make sure to stock up on the best versions you can. Once you’ve killed a certain number down here, Brad will get the gate open and you’ll head up to the next section where it gets worse.

Now’s the time to start unleashing the dakka as the sheer number of zeds is ridiculous, but try to save at least one explosive ranged weapon, as hard as that might be. Try to protect the NPCs, but they’re heavily armed as well, and so long as you don’t let them get overwhelmed, they should be fine. Hold out until the 3 minute mark then fall back with them.

Here’s where you’ll be making your final stand, so light ‘em if you got ‘em. The numbers are even higher, and they’re coming from almost every angle. The auto-shotgun is excellent here for clearing crowds, as are grenades and anything explosive you have left. At some point though, it’s going to end up being a melee fight, and this is where your crowd control combo weapons will come into their own. Brad will be trying to open the gate, so he’s most vulnerable, whereas Vick should be fine. Protect Brad as best as you can until the timer reaches zero.

When the cutscene starts, that’s you survived and also, finished the game!


Congratulations! If you didn’t get all the collectibles, and want to, the rest of this guide will point you in the right direction. Check out the other sections for more details.


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