Infinite Easy PP and Scrap

The “meta save” system that Dead Rising has going on definitely makes it a lot easier to collect all of the various items out in the world, as it allows you to play through sections of the game as though you were there the first time, but to have the levels, skills, PP, scrap etc you’ve accumulated throughout your time in the game.


What it also does is makes it pretty damn easy to exploit your way to getting huge amounts of PP and Scrap with minimal effort.


Below are two of the easiest ways to maximise your leveling and your buying power.



You need to wait until Case 3 to pull this one off, but it’s easy and a lot of fun. At a certain point in the Case, you’ll be given access to an infinite power Exosuit that you can also upgrade with Ice powers. You’re then sent out to thin the herd, so to speak, as there are a hell of a lot of zeds in the area.


The way to exploit it is this - work your way through the zeds, building up your multiplier and your PP until it’s ridiculous. You can easily gain 10-20 levels in a few minutes this way. Now, and this is important, before you hit another checkpoint or kill too many zombies, simply reload your last checkpoint save. This will put you back at the start of this section, but will all of the PP you accumulated last time. Repeat as many times as desired.




This is even simpler than the PP one. All you need to do is find an ATM close to a checkpoint, this is easier in Case 1 when you’re still in the mall and aren’t too far from anything. Simply find the ATM, withdraw the scrap - which is usually about 4000 a pop - reload, repeat as many times as you want.


You’ll be as rich in scrap as you are pithy quips before you know it.


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