Investigate the Rumors

As you proceed through the story in Dead Rising 4, Paula will every so often contact you to let you know her podcast listeners have been telling her some rumours that you should check out. These, inevitably, end up being a bunch of whacked out maniacs that you need to bring the swift hand of justice to. Here’s where they are, and what to expect!

Case 2


Sadistic Claus

This rumour will take you to the Christmas tree lot in the north west corner of Old Town. When you get there, you’ll find yourself in a bloodied Santa’s Grotto.


Once you step into the ring of trees, you’ll be greeted by Sadistic Claus, and then have to fight waves of his Elves. First off you get 2 to put down, who are easy enough then 4. Melee or ranged are equally effective here, just kill ‘em all.


Once all 6 are dead, you’ll fight Sadistic Claus himself. He’s got an Electric Axe and doesn’t stagger easily, so our advice would be to just step back and fill him full of lead.

Once he’s dead, that’s you done!


Case 3



This one will take you to the small area to the east of North Peak. It’s a fenced off area with a bunch of bad guys in hazmat suits and Acid Rain guns.

They can take a lot of punishment, but they don’t hit particularly hard, and there’s not many of them. Once you’ve killed them all, head through the open white shipping container against the back wall.

There you’ll meet Sibyle, who will at first release a few Fresh Zombies at you. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with them, just watch for the pounce attack. Once they die, Sibyle will want to fight you herself. She’s got an Acid Maul and can knock you down easily. The best course of action is to just stand back and hammer her at range until she goes down. When that happens, you’re done!



Captain Blackfriday Beard


This guy has set up shop in the Pirate ship in Caribbean Cove in the mall. The drill is exactly the same as last time though. Head to the ship and take out any mooks that get in your way.

There’s an exo suit upstairs on the rear upper deck of the ship if you want to make things easy for yourself.


Up there you’ll also find the good Captain himself. If you don’t have an exosuit, stay back and hit him from range as his Ice Sword can do a lot of damage. If you have an exosuit, get in there and kill him with your fists.

When he’s dead, there might be a few more mooks about, but you don’t need to kill them to finish the quest which should automatically resolve once the Captain is dead.


Case 4


Grim Gobbler

These guys are in the Jr High School in West Ridge. This time they’re set up as the worst kind of high school jocks, the murderous kind. The Gobbler is surrounded by a bunch of lackeys dressed in football gear and they are bullet sponges. Best course for the mooks is a powerful melee weapon.

There’s no staging of the bad guys in this one, so stay on the move so you don’t get surrounded and overwhelmed. The Gobbler is just using an Equaliser bat, so he doesn’t hit too hard nor have ridiculous knock down potential. Kill him to finish the quest.



Cult Leader

The last on this list is sadly also the most boringly named. He and his fellow cult members are set up at the Peak’s Motel in North Peak. The cult members are almost ridiculous in their ability to take damage and just keep going, but you have the advantage that they are easily distracted by zombies. Use that to your advantage and get around the sides to kick them to the curb.


The Cult Leader is using the Deck the Halls combo weapon, which does high damage and has ridiculous knock down potential. The best idea is, as always, to stay at range and hammer him with your ranged weapons. If you run out of ammo, there are a couple of revolvers on the platform upstairs where he initially stands. Take him out to complete the quest.



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