Podcast Locations

On your travels you’ll meet Paula, the erstwhile creator of the Undead Gospel Podcast. Her podcast episodes are scattered around Willamette, and if you want a chuckle (and 100% completion), here’s where to find them all.


Willamette Memorial Megaplex


  • On the balcony in the honeymoon suite of the Viragio Hotel, where you meet Connor. To get onto the second floor where the suite is, go up the curved stairs in the entrance lobby

  • In the Cruz Tanning Salon panic room in Caribbean Cove. The key to the panic room is on the sun loungers near to the restaurant seating on the decking.

  • On a table in the cafeteria, on the lower level of the emergency shelter.


Old Town

  • Sitting on a chair inside Buffy’s Laundromat, in the south east of the town.

  • On top of a washing machine in Brent’s Appliances, opposite the emergency shelter.


West Ridge

  • In the white cargo container behind the barn on Tom’s Farm, at the very back of the farm.

  • On the counter, in the Cruz Tanning Salon, opposite the entrance to the Mountain Ridge Gated Community.

  • On a shelf in the Booker Family Residence, in the Mountain Ridge Estates Gated Community. This won’t open up until part way through Case 3.


North Peak

  • On a chair inside the WLD radio station building, in the northeast of the map area.

  • In the open room to the left on the upper level of the Peaks Motel

  • Under the giant candy cane to the right of the entrance inside Santa’s Shop Warehouse, just south of the radio station building

  • In the Willamette Train Yard, inside an open green car on the tracks beside the red building with the silo. This is on the way to the sewers and you’ll pass by it twice, one during Case 2 and once during Case 5, but is accessible any time.


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