Vick's Cloud Uploads

As Frank West, part of your story is chasing down your wayward ex-student Vick. She’s been at the location since the outbreak, and has left cloud uploads all over the place that you can find and get an insight into her side of the story.


Their locations are as follows:



#1 - Willamette Memorial Mall - Brad will play this to you automatically as part of Case 1.

#2 - Willamette Memorial Mall -  In the back of McQueen Portrait Studio, on the second floor of Central Plaza.

#3 -  Willamette Memorial Mall - In the open sided tent in the Obscuris camp just outside Central Plaza.

#4 - Old Town - In the Apartment by Nobleman’s Barber Shop. To get there, go to Big Bull’s Meats, then go behind the cafe opposite and up the stairs into the apartment.

ss!)#5 - Old Town - On the counter inside the Brain Dump computer shop, opposite the park that sits in front of the mall.

#6 - West Ridge - In the kitchen of Submega, in the southwestern part of the map.

#7 - West Ridge - In the control rool just past the room where you find Darcy tied up in the Dam. Note, you can only get this as part of Case 2 as the Dam will be inaccessible after you complete it.

#8 - North Peak - On the bed in an open room on the second floor of the Peaks Motel, in the northwest corner of the area.

#9 - North Peak - In the back room of the Freebird’s Gun Shack and Shooting Range, beside the Pool Hall

#10 - West Ridge - Brad will play this to you automatically as part of Case 3.

#11 - West Ridge - On the walkway on up the stairs inside the Winery you go to as part of Case 3

#12 - North Peak - Brad will play this to you automatically as part of Case 4

#13 - West Ridge - Inside the locked garage on Tom’s farm. To get access you’ll need to wait until you go there as part of Case 5. Find the hidden room in Tom’s bedroom, and use the Farm Keys in there to unlock the garage.

#14 - The Sewers - On a crate in a locked area in the sewers after you blast your way past the gate in Case 5. To get inside, first go into a room on the right that you’ll find at the end of the first tunnel after the gate and you’ll find a key. Then follow the tunnels until you get to the first bigger junction, with scaffolding in it, and the locked door will be in an alcove to the right. There’s an evolved zombie here so be careful.

#15 - The Sewers - Brad will automatically play this to you as part of Case 5


That’s all 15, and a bit more backstory on your wayward protege.


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