Arena - Prison Of Elders


ARENA - Prison of Elders


Recommended level: 28+



The prison of elders acts as a level locked alternative to completing regular and weekly strike events. A team of three players enters a central hub and then are led into a series of room to face various opponent races (fallen, hive, vex and cabal). The enemy race selection is random, although the rooms are set to visually match that race.


Players will have to face five rounds, of which at least three (varied by difficulty), will have them facing off against three waves of enemies, normally with objectives they must complete at the same time or suffer instant death.



Some objectives include:


  • Mine deactivation (deal damage to mine)
  • Mine deactivation (stand on area underneath mine to deactivate it)
  • Defeat marked target


When you have completed enough rounds (varied by difficulty), you will be faced with a random boss and/or mini-boss round (or more than one). Each of these are representative of a particular race.


Mini-boss enemies:


  • Val Aru'un (Cabal)
  • Pilot Servitor (Fallen)
  • Wretched Knight (Hive)
  • Overmind Minotaur (Vex)



Boss enemies:


  • Valus Trau-ug (Cabal)
  • Kaliks Reborn (Fallen)
  • Gulrot, Unclean (Hive)
  • Urrox, Flame Prince (Hive)
  • Qodron, Gate Lord (Vex)
  • Skolas, Kell of Kells (Fallen)


After completing an one of these challenges, you will be rewarded with two set items, shown as event rewards depending on level (28 or higher) such as armor cores and weapon cores which can be redeemed at the reef outpost for powerful items. You will also obtain house of judgement reputation as well.



Small chest rewards:


  • Strange coins
  • Resources
  • Motes of light
  • Treasure key (used for queen's chest: see below)


Most interesting on the reward front is the access to the treasure room at the end of the event. Two small chests (freely accessible) will be waiting for you to open alongside a much larger chest that requires a treasure key (first obtained through a story quest, while more can be obtained by undertaking bounties from the reef and locating hidden chests immediately after completing them).



The large chest (queen's chest) always contains a random queen's wrath legendary weapon and the chance for a piece of exotic equipment. However, you can only get this guaranteed reward once a week. If you have already used a treasure key in the same week, you are far less likely to pick up powerful equipment.


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