Game Modes






6 vs 6 team objective

Fireteam 1-6 players

Level advantages disabled


Two teams of six players will attempt to capture and hold three specified locations on the map. The more of these locations that are held, the more each enemy kill is multiplied by (eg: one zone will give a 2x multiplier to each kill). Playing defensively can work well in this mode as enemies will constantly come to the capture points to try and take them over. Aggressive players will try and take over the capture points and kill any defenders present.





6 vs 6 team deathmatch

Fireteam 1-6 players

Level advantages disabled


Regular old team deathmatch. Two sides of six players face off and the team at the end with the highest kill count wins.





Free for all

Fireteam 1-3 players

Level advantages disabled


Regular old free for all. Each player is alone and the player with the highest kills at the end wins. Watch your corners people.





3 vs 3 team deathmatch

Fireteam 1-3 players

Level advantages disabled


Similar to the 6 vs 6 team deathmatch but on a smaller scale. This makes team tactics and communication easier for players who want to work together with friends to dominate the competition.


General Advice


No level advantages - keep in mind that the best weapon to use in crucible may not be the highest level requirement weapon you have. A lower level or rarity gun that has better base stats may be better to use than your legendary auto rifle. The main decider on what to use in PvP boils down to two things. Raw stats and special weapon abilities. Exotics and most legendary weapons have abilities specific only to them, some of them quite powerful. So keep in mind what your weapons can do (and make sure the abilities are unlocked and activated or they are useless).


Team triumph - Remember that most of the pvp modes revolve around team play. This means sticking together with some of your team members and defending control points are the best ways of ensuring a win along with a healthy kill/ death ratio. Defending an objective will often mean the enemy team will come to you, while you rack up control points for defending the capture point. In team deathmatches, sticking together is even more crucial as two or three players can team up to take down an enemy in a split second.


Boom, headshot - Think of the damage system as similar to Halo, not Call of Duty. Players won't keel over from a couple of shots here or just a single headshot (unless it's with a sniper rifle). You will often need to burn through a clip of ammo to kill a player, sometimes even if all the shots are headshots. However, headshots do critical damage which triples the amount of damage each bullet does. Making it far more likely you will kill them before they kill you or run behind cover.


Heavy hitters - Heavy ammo will drop periodically during a match and as a result, a large scrabble for the boxes generally occurs. Some players might consider camping nearby to the heavy box and killing any approaching players. Heavy ammo is definitely the most powerful weapon besides supers in the game. Rockets can easily one shot enemy players, so if you see a purple ammo clip drop from an enemy make sure to pick it up.


Super superb - Remember that your super abilities are available for use at least a couple of times in every match. These are just as devastating as they are on enemies in PvE and in most cases can one shot enemies easily (except in certain cases - overshielded enemies, warlocks using their super, etc.). Timing their use is important as well, but make sure you remember that they are there.


One two punch - In pvp, your melee can do a surprising amount of damage. Normally two melee attacks will kill any enemy players. Clever players will combine this with a certain amount of damage before going in for the melee. This allows them to kill an enemy in a single melee attack. To do this you can use grenade area damage, a few weapon shots or even throwing knives. Basically you want the enemy to take a chunk of damage and then melee them to finish them off in one swing. Similar to the plasma pistol melee in Halo.


Vehicles - Some players tend to avoid vehicles in games. However, they are easy to control and provide solid firepower. Some of the funniest deaths can occur by running over an enemy. So give them a try at least. For those players that love using vehicles. Go nuts.


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