The Burning Shrine (Mercury)


  • The outside area of the map provides decent sight lines and players can leap on top of the outside columns to snipe emerging players
  • The small and contained pathways in the center of the map make a good spot to ambush players as they exit (and work well with sneakily placed trigger grenades for the hunter class)
  • In the more confined inside areas, shotguns and fusion rifles work well but should be swapped for primaries in the more open inside areas.


Exodus Blue (Earth)


  • Playstation timed exclusive folks, I haven't got Destiny on it I'm afraid so I have to wait for it to be released on Xbox.



Rusted Lands (Earth)


  • A large amount of this area is outdoors, but line of sight is often broken by walls. This makes shotgun and fusion rifle play viable.
  • There are one or two spots that work for sniping but you need support as all of these spots can be easily flanked by newly spawned enemies.
  • Auto rifles work well here as a trade between range and damage.
  • Remember to use those grenades to flush out enemies hidden behind walls.



Twilight Gap (Earth)


  • Outside areas provide decent line of sight (often obscured by objects) but good placement can lead to effective results with a sniper rifle.
  • If you focus on short to mid range combat, stay inside the buildings as you will be picked off often while outside.
  • Shotguns and fusion rifles are less effective on this map in general as there is often enough room for smart players to back up.
  • Mid range weaponry works well inside the structures due to a decent amount of room to maneuver. Not as many blind corners as most maps have.
  • You can jump or float around the outside platforms of the area to ambush unsuspecting players.



The Anomaly (Moon)


  • The central area of this map is a mid to close range killing ground. The anomaly can block shots and the glow it produces can make spotting enemies difficult at times, so be careful around it.
  • The outer tunnel complex is the best area for sniping on this map, so if you specialize in that you may want to stay there.
  • The connecting tunnels around the central area are good for taking potshots at players moving from area to area. Take advantage of this when you can.



First Light (Moon)


  • This is one of the rare vehicle maps. If you come across a pike, interceptor or turret, use it. They are quite powerful and the mobility of the pike can really rack up some kills.
  • Snipers will want to stick around the outside edges of the map to gain kills. The lunar surface provides great lines of sight and plenty of spots to retreat to if you are under fire.
  • Players who excel at short or mid range should stick to the buildings in the middle of the map. This will prevent vehicle and sniper death and put you on a level playing field with the other players in the area.



Asylum (Venus)


  • The winding indoor sections provide decent cover against long ranged enemies outside. Beware of the differing heights as it can get confusing keeping track of what floor enemies are on.
  • The outdoor area is a good spot for mid - long range and offers a few good sniper vantage points along the main pathway. Just be careful of being flanked from the nearby buildings.
  • Players who excel at short or mid range should stick to the buildings along the side of the map. This will prevent sniper death and put you on a level playing field with the other players in the area.



Shores of Time (Venus)


  • The cave area is a great place for snipers as it funnels enemies down a set path.
  • The center of the map is very open, so avoid traveling across it at all costs.
  • Most sight lines in this map are mid-long so mid ranged weaponry such as rifles can work well when in skilled hands.
  • The majority of the areas are open and allow many options of approach for a player closing on a target. High agility can be very effective here to close gaps and reach players faster than they expect.



Bastion (Mars)


  • Another vehicle map here folks, so for those who like that style of combat. Go for it. You can cover most of the map easily in a pike or inteceptor (although the turret placement leaves something to be desired) and rack up straggler kills with ease.
  • The large open outlying areas of this map are a haven for snipers. Clever snipers will use the caves around the edges of the map or the rooftops of outlying buildings to maximize their line of sight while making retreat easy.
  • Everyone else will be running amongst the ruins in close quarters combat. Shotguns work extremely well on this map along with fusion rifles.
  • Players who like using rifle combat can stick to the edges of the buildings and shoot emerging shotgun and fusion rifle players from further away than their weapon range for quick kills.



Blind Watch (Mars)


  • The outdoor area can be a sniper's paradise if you position yourself well. A team can completely dominate the outside area and bombard the enemy when they emerge.
  • The indoor area works well for short to mid range weapons. Make sure your shotgun has decent range if you plan to use it here.
  • Be careful using the rooftops as it is easy to be picked off while traversing them.



Firebase Delphi (Mars)


  • Most of the fighting usually centers around the area with the hanging crate and the two large circular doors in the middle of the area. Learning how to flank using the side corridors here and safely triggering the huge circular doors is key to staying alive and racking up the kills.
  • Snipers can sit in the back rooms opposite the doors and cover multiple entrances
  • The outside areas tend to be spawn points, so if you want to camp there it's your choice.


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