Quest 01 - Welcome to the Reef


QUEST 01 - Welcome to the Reef


Recommended Level: N/A


Recommended Level: N/A

After watching the introduction cinematic to the House of Wolves expansion, you'll find your first new quest of the Vestian Outpost. This is a new social area (like the Tower) now available in the Reef area of the map. Fly to it and look around for the green quest icon hovering over the head Petra Venj who will be standing nearby as you materialize on the outpost.



Objective: Get acquainted with your allies in the Reef


Well, this is a nice quick introductory quest. Simply walk over to each nearby vendor with a quest marker over their head to get free stuff. Yay.


  • Vakris of House Judgement (vendor) - 10x Ether seeds
  • Master Ives (cryptarch) - 3x Motes of light
  • Brother Vance (vendor) - 3x Passage coin



Objective: Return to Petra Venj


Once you've done your rounds, return to Petra Venj to hand in the quest and get started on the real quests.


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