Quest 02 - Hand, Heart and Eyes of Crota


EXPANSION I - QUEST 02: Hand, Heart and Eyes of Crota


Recommended Level: 26



After completing all three story missions (ending with the Wakening), you'll be given two quests (the first regarding the urn, the second about killing wizards and knights). This section is all about the second one.


Objective: Kill 25 Knights and Wizards


Take this one as quick as you can. You can complete it passively while working on other missions or strikes. You can also find knights and wizards in patrol missions or during story missions. A good spot is the entrance to the Temple of Crota on the Moon (three knights, takes about a minute or two to reach it).



At the loot cave 1.0 area in Skywatch (see item farming/ leveling FAQ section for details), if you remain in the area and kill enemies repeatedly, knights and wizards will swarm the area, resulting in at least six knights and two wizards. You can do this while attempting expansion quest one as well.


Objective: Hand in quest to Eris at the Tower


Travel to the tower and talk to Eris, she will give you three new quests sections as a result. Take all three.


Objective: Go to Skywatch in the Cosmodrome and kill the servant of the Hand of Crota


All of the quests require you to visit certain places on Earth (the Cosmodrome) and find a praying (kneeling) enemy with a specific name (servant of the _______). The first one can be found in the darkened area of Skywatch (the large radar dish building that you pass through to Loot cave 1.0).


Enter the darkened room and kill all the attacking enemies in the room. When there aren't any left, you should still have an enemy present on the radar. The servant is in an alcove in a corner of the room. Kill the thrall and retreat to the entrance of the room for a safer position.


Objective: Kill the Hand of Crota


After killing the servant, green vortexes will appear in the room and spit out large amounts of thralls (servant of the hand) and cursed thralls. Use your decent positioning to pick them off before they swarm you. Amongst them will be a yellow health bar melee knight, the Hand of Crota. To complete the objective, all you need to do is kill him. Although the spawning thralls may make it a little difficult.



Objective: Go to the Refinery in the Cosmodrome and kill the servant of the Heart of Crota


The refinery can be found by heading the same way as you would towards the Devil's Lair strike on Earth. Head through the building and across the Rocketyard area to enter the Refinery. Inside, you'll find a servant of the heart kneeling in front of a glowing green seeder pod. Blast him to bits to summon his master.


Objective: Kill the Heart of Crota


This turns out to be a tough Wizard (the Heart of Crota) with a powerful solar shield. Swap to a solar weapon to bring it down fast and then start hammering it's health. The Heart of Crota will cast poison rapidly, as well as summoning thralls, acolytes and knights to attack you. Retreat if you need a breather, but keep the pressure on to defeat the wizard.



Objective: Go to the Terrestrial Complex in the Cosmodrome and kill the servant of the Eyes of Crota


For the third servant, you need to go to the forgotten shore area (the long ravine with the rusted battleship at the end). Drive through the canyon and follow the water to the sea. Take the road up into the Terrestrial Complex (this may be familiar from the final regular story mission on Earth). Wind your way through the complex until you emerge outside. In this outside area, you'll find a decent size group of enemies. Once they are gone, look for the servant of the Eyes kneeling next to an urn near the railings on the edge of the walkway. Kill the servant.


Objective: Steal the artifact


This battle won't trigger until you attempt to steal the urn. Walk up to it and interact with it to summon the Eyes of Crota.


Objective: Kill the Eyes of Crota


The eyes are a trio of yellow health bar acolytes who will spawn in and attack. Along with a hive ship (which will stay in the area and shoot at you), melee knights, acolytes and thralls. Keep your distance and keep moving to avoid the ship blasts, while focusing on the Eyes of Crota when you see them. Once the final one goes down, the third quest segment is complete.



Objective: Hand in the completed quests to Eris at the Tower


Travel back to the Tower and hand in all three quests to Eris. She will have one final quest for you. Defeat Omnigul in the Will of Crota Strike. Yep, sounds like fun on a bun. Have a look at the Will of Crota strike in the expansion section for more details.



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