Quest 03 - Gone to Ground


QUEST 03 - Gone to Ground


Recommended Level: 26+



Objective: Start the quest


Once you've completed the second quest, return to Petra Vanj for a new one.


Objective: Loot fallen vandals, wanted fallen or fallen chests on Venus for fallen shiplinks


This objective gives you multiple things to attempt to complete it, you can simply kill fallen vandals whenever you see them on Venus for 4x shiplinks each. You can search out fallen chests for 20x shiplinks for each one you open. You can also hunt down wanted fallen (bounties from Petra Vanj) for extra shiplinks.


You'll want to enter the Venus patrol to begin obtaining shiplinks. One of the easiest areas to scour for these things is the Ishtar Cliffs region of Venus near the planet's spawn point, just race from one end to the other, looking for chests and killing vandals along the way and you'll have the required shiplinks in no time (less than ten minutes of grinding). When you've gathered enough, the quest icon will appear on screen as updated.



Objective: Talk to Variks


Return to the outpost in the Reef and tromp over to Variks. Yeah, he doesn't tell you anything new but does update your objective.



Objective: Talk to Petra Vanj


Cross the area and talk to Petra again for some new intel and an update to your quest objective.


Objective: Travel to the Cosmodrome on Earth to begin Story 02 "The Silent Fang"


Open your travel map and find the new story mission on Earth to continue with the quest.


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