Raid 01 - Vault of Glass



RAID 01: The Vault of Glass





A few notes on preparation before you begin with raid events.


  • Have your best weapons of all damage types on your character (kinetic, arc, solar and void) as some enemies can be far easier to take down with the correct damage type.
  • The most commonly required element in this raid is void, so prep your weapons accordingly.
  • Stock up on heavy and special ammo recovery items from the gunsmith in the tower (around five of each should do). This is for situations when you have to use extensive amounts of heavy ammo for certain events during the raid, being able to restock can be very useful.
  • Obtain a microphone! This is essential and will be the determining factor for allowing you to communicate with the rest of the team. Using the message system is far too slow and can be distracting for other players, so make sure you have a mic.
  • The two most useful character classes for the raid are hunters and titans. Why? Their supers. Hunters have the golden gun super (useful for the whole raid) while titans have the ward of dawn super (useful in the final boss fight).
  • Make sure to have all your jump extension abilities equipped (hunter's triple jump, warlock's focused burst and titan's catapult or increased height) as several platforming sections in the raid will kill you easily if you don't.
  • To find raid matchmaking, there are several looking for group (LFG) sites around for destiny. Search around and list your character (be honest with your stats as you will likely get booted otherwise) and message players still looking to round out their teams. If you already have a dedicated group of six ready to go, good for you.


After all that, you should be waiting in the lobby with the rest of your group, waiting to descend to the surface of Venus to challenge the Vault of Glass.



Section 01: The Spire


Straight off the bat the raid focuses on team work. Pull out a void weapon if you have one, or your highest damage weapon of another type. The objective here is to take control of three sync plates (large discs on the ground that react when players or enemies stand on them). The plates are placed in a horizontal line facing the large gate at the top of the slope. All three plates need to be activated (under your team's control) to start creating the spire (the creation of the gateway to the next section of the raid).



The best tactic for maintaining control of the plates is to split up into two player teams (one next to each plate) to maintain control. Stand on the plate to gain control of it and then move off it (you don't need to stand on it to maintain it). Enemies will continually spawn from points near the plates and move to engage players near them. This means it is better to avoid standing directly on the plate as doing so will draw the enemies onto it when they attempt to attack you. This will negate the plate quickly if you aren't careful.


The enemies consist of goblins, harpies, hobgoblins and the real threat here...praetorians. The preatorians are yellow health bar minotaur enemies with a void (purple) shield covering them (see why I said void weapons?). When one appears, focus fire on it and call out it's plate location if it is getting through. Players with offensive supers available will want to use them to bring the preatorian down quickly. Make sure to call out if your side is under heavy attack, as enemies will spawn at random plates, leaving some free from attack while others get hammered. Leaving you allies free to help.



After enough time has passed with the plates under control (you will get progression messages in the bottom left of your screen), the spire will form. Once it has, the enemies will stop spawning (but spawned enemies will remain in the area) and your team can head up the slope to the gate to the next area. Depending on the gear of your team and co-ordination, this section can take five minutes or half an hour. The spire creation (uninterrupted) takes around two minutes.





Chest 1: Once you pass into the glowing portal, you will be inside a cave entrance. Follow the trail deeper into the cave, along the way (on the edge of a cliff, you have to walk past the chest to reach the next area so you are unlikely to miss it) you will find your first loot chest of the Vault of Glass. This chest generally gives out ascendant shards/energy. You may want to wait until all your team members are gathered around it so no one misses the loot drop. Once you are done, keep heading deeper into the Vault.



Before reaching the next area you will need to jump across several floating platforms, make sure you equip your extended jump abilities and leave them on from this point forward if you haven't already.


Section 02: The Templar


Phase 1 - Defend the conflux pillars




After dropping down from the set of floating platforms and landing on the large area, the focus of this area will appear. The Templar. He is a large hydra with a three hundred and sixty degrees shield (meaning he cannot be hurt at all at this point).



Where you land is a conflux (vex light pillar) which needs to be defended from incoming waves of vex troops. Doing this for an increasing number of conflux pillars is the next couple of objectives for this area.


The first objective is to defend the pillar where you land in the area the first time (on a map, the pillar would be at South, while the templar is at the North end). The next objective is to defend two confluxes (which appear at the East and West sides of the area).


Lastly you need to protect three confluxes (East, West and South) from vex. You aren't protecting them from damage, instead you have to stop the vex troops reaching the confluxes and sacrificing themselves. Once four vex get through, your team will all be killed, meaning it's back to the checkpoint.


Vex enemies: goblins and hobgoblins appear from the first objective. Once you move onto the second set of conflux pillars, messages will pop up on the bottom left of the screen stating that the "Templar summons its legions."  Before adding fanatics - yellow health small minotaurs who upon death leave a green haze on the ground.



This haze, if stepped in will make you vulnerable to the Templar's ritual of negation ability. This ability instantly kills any players covered with the green haze when triggered. The only way to remove the haze is to jump into the light source in the center of the area to cleanse yourself.


After that regular minotaurs with void shields will continually flood into the area as well. The final set of enemies during the last objective is a swarm of yellow health harpies (axis harpies) who rush the confluxes. Make sure you are ready and target their cores to kill them quickly. The spawn points for the area are as follows (progression-wise). The center light area will spawn enemies for the entire duration. The two rear areas (cave to the NE and doorway to the NW) will also spawn enemies for the entire duration. Once the fanatics start arriving, enemies will begin spawning from behind and around the Templar as well.


The strategy for this fight is similar to the sync plates from the spire section, except this time you must prevent the vex entering the conflux pillars at all costs, instead of just retaking them. Start with your team loosely grouped around the lone conflux for the first objective.


Split into two teams of three for the second and then into pairs to defend the trio of conflux pillars. I know it sounds simple, but with the amount of chaos going on at all times, communication and skill is essential. Two player deaths can easily screw up an attempt here, so use those supers if you are in danger or are fighting minotaurs.



Once you manage to clear all the enemies without too many vex getting through, you will enter the next phase of the Templar fight.


Phase 2 - Destroy the oracles




When this phase begins, the huge panel above the Templar will glow with points of light. This shows the spawn location of the "oracles." Oracles appear as floating balls of light (yellow for this section) that look like they have a cube floating within. The goal of this section is simple. Kill every oracle you spot. Call out their locations based on the conflux positions or area location, while killing any in your immediate area. They only appear for a set amount of time and then reappear after a set interval.



Unfortunately, you won't be left alone during your oracle slaughter. Vex goblins and minotaurs will spawn from the previous spawn points to harass you and hobgoblins will appear on the rocks outside the area (on the floating rock past the edges of the area you are standing on) and will snipe you relentlessly. So make sure to deal with the hobgoblins whenever you aren't killing oracles as they are the biggest threat to your health here.


A good strategy is to remain in pairs and guard the conflux areas you were at before, as this will spread you apart enough to hit most of the spawning oracles but leave you with an ally in case of death, as well as being overwhelmed by sniper fire or minotaurs.


After a certain number of oracle kills, you will move on to the final phase of the Templar battle and receive your first raid drop. Yay!


Drop 1: Received after defeating the oracles


Phase 3 - Kill the Templar




Nothing will happen until a player picks up the relic in the center of the room. The relic increases the holder's melee damage by a large margin and allows them to activate a shield for fifteen seconds with a fifteen second cool-down, The shield blocks all enemy attacks and allows players to shoot out of it and will allow a group of six to be clustered inside while firing madly at the Templar.


The Templar (like a regular hydra) fires damaging void blasts towards players whenever it faces them and has a very damaging (if not instant kill) AoE melee attack. So do not get close to this enemy whatever you do.



The Templar is surrounded by a shield that can only be dropped by the relic holder. The super of the relic holder is replaced by an ability that will drop the shield of the Templar temporarily.


There are multiple ways of approaching this fight, (stay on the edges of the platform, spread out until the relic is used etc) however the best strategy by far is to use one of the floating platforms on the outskirts of the area (the west side) and as a group, blast the Templar to pieces from there.



You can reach the floating platform with a broken column on it by jumping onto a pillar on the west side of the area, across a pair of floating platforms and then on to the one furthermost out with the column. If you can't find it, watch the video for a better idea of where it is. Keep in mind you will need the extended jump skills to reach this platform.


From this position you can take cover behind the pillar while the relic holder recharges the shield and all move out when the shield is active. The relic holder should also has a super ability that can be fired at the boss's shield to remove it. This should be done, and the shield raised before alerting the rest of the group to attack. Good relic holders will also call out when to retreat (at the three second mark of shield remaining time).


By repeating this process, you should be able to whittle down the Templar with very little threat to your health. The only other danger is the activated ability of the Templar. He surrounds a player in an orb of light which will kill the guardian inside in a few seconds. Leaving the light orb will also kill the guardian. The orb can be removed by damaging it with weapon fire. Due to the bunched up nature of the position, anyone in an orb will be released by the cluster of shots all heading towards the boss. If you want to make sure, just move in front of the firing line.


Another thing to mention is that the Templar can teleport around the arena (rarely), and will take several seconds to initiate the teleport before moving to the red ringed area marking its destination. If a player enters that area, the Templar cannot teleport but several minotaurs will spawn instead. If you take the platform strategy above, this doesn't make any difference as you fire from afar.


The final issue is the enrage timer. You have ten minutes to finish off the Templar. If you have not killed him in that time, he will become enraged and deal increased damage. Enemies will spawn continuously and minotaurs will swarm the area. Don't let this happen, needless to say. Be aggressive, use your ranged supers and special weapons to deal damage quickly.


Once the Templar finally falls, you will obtain your second raid drop reward.


Drop 2: Obtained after destroying the Templar


Chest 2: There are two paths to the next area of the raid. The one I suggest you take (as it leads to two chests) is the semi-hidden path. At the North side of the room, look for a hole in the wall (enlarge the screenshot or watch the video for a more specific location) to find the entrance to a small room containing the second loot chest.



Also in this room is a path leading down to the left side of the next area. The Gorgon's maze. Take it.


Section 03: The Gorgon's Maze




Chest 3: Continue following the path down from the room and you will reach another loot chest. There are several long drops on the way down, so make sure you still have your jump enhancers on. This chest can also be obtained by heading straight ahead from the checkpoint spawn and climbing the cliff directly ahead of you, heading through a small cave and reaching a circular platform containing the chest.





When you arrive at the maze (after looting the chest). Have a player run out into the maze and get detected. This will respawn you all at the proper starting point for the maze and make grabbing the final chest easier.



Chest 4: The final chest of the raid can be found by following the right wall of the maze from the checkpoint spawn.


Ah, ready to go all Solid Snake? Unfortunately these guardians don't have cardboard boxes to hide in.



A couple of pointers before entering the maze.


  • If a gorgon hears a noise it will move towards it and upon sighting a guardian begin to gaze at the caught guardian. If the gorgon is not killed in the next few seconds, the whole team will die.
  • Performing different actions while in the maze create different levels of noise.


Walking (low noise)

Sprinting (medium noise)

Jumping (high noise)

Shooting (high noise)


  • Depending on the distance from the gorgon, you can sometime get away with the higher noise actions, but generally it is best to walk when possible and avoid jumping if you can just drop down.
  • The other thing is that you can kill the gorgons with enough focused firepower, so if you are spotted at the end of the maze, you may want to try and kill any gorgon who spots you.


From the checkpoint spawn, jump over the rock directly ahead of you and follow the trickle of water/ small creek carefully until you reach a big rock jutting vertically straight up out of the ground and the water turns right. Enter the cave area to the left of the big jutting rock and you will see a large ramp of stones a short distance ahead. Jump up the ramp and climb all the way to the top so you are practically touching the ceiling.



From this location, you should be able to jump across to a ledge coming out of the cave wall and from there across to another spire of rock to your right. On this rock there is a ledge above the circling gorgons. You can drop down to here without alerting them, giving you a good vantage point and better planning for when to make your dash to the exit. Wait for the gorgons to leave the area (it may take up to a minute for them to move away). When they do, drop down (don't jump) and walk across to the small cave slightly to your right.



If you make it to this cave and inside without the gorgons spotting you, you are safely through the maze.




Head down the linear path until you arrive at a ledge overlooking a yawning abyss. Nearby are some platforms. Unfortunately, these are disappearing and reappearing platforms (anyone else having horrible memories of Mega Man's floating platform hell?).



It is really a matter of timing, pattern recognition (that is, the pattern of the platforms not the pattern of inevitable deaths from your group) and making sure your jump extenders are equipped. Jump onto the first platform, then jump slightly to the right for the second and left for the third, before jumping down towards the tiny ledge all the way below. Hunters have a slight advantage here as they can jump twice in the air and change direction slightly (the only thing that saved me in my video attempt).



Once you are on the ledge, wait for everyone to catch up and follow the path to reach the final area of the raid. The raid boss Atheon's chamber.


Section 04: Raid boss Aetheon


Phase 1 - The Gateway




Okay, first a brief description of the area you are in and the important points. When you arrive (or respawn) you will be at the entrance in the center of the south wall. To your left and right on raised platforms are two vex portal gates. These can be opened by maintaining control of the sync plates next to them on the lower platform (just like the ones in the spire section of the raid). Each of these portals lead to a different area, so it is important to establish that for all members of the group.




From your entry position, the West (left) portal leads to the desert. The East (right) portal leads to the jungle. This will be important to remember as we go forward. Another point of interest in the room is at the far North end. Aetheon, the raid boss appears at this location and when he does, he will bombard any players in his line of sight. But we will get to him shortly.


The final position of note is a floating platform in the center of the chamber. It may look innocuous but it is the best place to gather and damage the boss when you have to engage him. Keep it in mind for now.


Now that we know the layout, it's time to get down to the business at hand. First things first, kill everything. A gatekeeper (yellow health hydra), plenty of descendant goblins (yellow health goblins) and regular goblins will be swarming the area. Stick with your team members and work your way forwards, clearing the area as you go. Fresh enemies will spawn in through an arch at the North end of the room, so look for enemies there once the existing enemies are gone.



Once the gatekeeper is dead, you will need to divide your forces into two groups of three. The goal is to activate a portal and retrieve the relic inside. The first group enters the portal to get the relic, the other group stands guard on the portal sync plate to make sure the relic squad can exit safely. The second group should consist of players with the most powerful void weapons as they will be dealing with void shielded enemies.


When the relic squad enters the portal, minotaurs with void shields will begin attacking the portal squad. Make sure to hold them off like you did in the prior sections. Use your super and powerful void weapons to kill them quickly.


Inside the portal is another gatekeeper and plenty of descendant goblins. The main threat isn't the enemy though, the longer you remain in the portal, the more black and obscured your vision gets until you are in total darkness.


The only way to remove this Marked by the Void effect is to use the relic (press RB). This is why your squad needs to kill the enemies fast and obtain the relic to cleanse the other party members. Clear them out as quickly as you can and have two players cluster together (so they can be cleansed easily) while the third grabs the relic.



As soon as the group is cleansed, sprint for the portal to reach the boss chamber once more.


After retrieving the first relic, you need to repeat the process with the other portal. Use the same tactics to retrieve the second relic and return to the boss chamber. Finish off any remaining enemies and shortly after, Aetheon will arrive.


Drop 3: After retrieving the second relic and clearing the enemies in the chamber you will get another raid drop.


Phase 2 - Aetheon




Here we go, the real deal. Aetheon looks like (and acts like most of the time) a large minotaur. He fires in the same way (doing significantly more damage) and move about in the same way. Unlike the minotaur enemies, he does have a weak spot. His glowing white core, positioned where the stomach (or abdomen if you want to be pedantic) can be hit for critical damage.



Aetheon can also summon supplicants (harpies) that explode like proximity mines instead of shooting you. The tell for this is he raises an arm in the air and holds it there. He releases them in waves (East/ right, West/ left and repeat). Unlike regular proximity mines, these guys move and go off with a hell of a bang (normally killing the unfortunate player instantly)


Keep in mind that Aetheon has an enrage timer of eight minutes. So it is important to be aggressive and maximize your damage in the team attacks.


The general strategy for the fight goes something like this:


Split up into two teams of three (just like you did with the previous phase) and leave those with decent ranged weapons as the portal guards.


Portal Guards


The portal guards should protect the sync plates from the supplicants and shoot their regular weapons at Aetheon in the down time between supplicant spawns.


The difficult part is determining which portal to keep open (as the relic team is thrown into one of the two destinations at random). The relic team needs to immediately state which portal they are in (desert or jungle, left or right, whichever call system works for you. They then need to make sure the portal remains open for the relic team to come through. When the relic squad returns, they should converge with the relic team (timed by the relic holder) on the central platform and shoot Aetheon with their most damaging attacks.



Once the relic shield is about to wear off, the relic holder should call out and all portal guards should leap to the right or left, while the relic team exits to the back (away from Aetheon). This ensures the portal team avoid being teleported by accident instead of relic team members.


Relic Team


The relic team have the tougher job (timing and communication-wise). The team that will enter the portal is selected by Aetheon based on distance. The further away from him you are, the more likely you will be teleported into the portal location.


When you enter the portal your group will be placed near the relic which should be picked up immediately by a designated player. Make sure to call out to the portal guard which portal you are inside of. Dropping the relic for more than five seconds results in a team wipe, so be very careful. Once the relic is picked up, seven oracles will begin spawning in the area (along with the enemies already present. Generally a minotaur). Players need to constantly kill the oracles (within ten seconds of each) to receive a buff called "Time's vengeance." This increases the damage dealt to the boss by a large amount. Failing to kill an oracle within the time limit will result in a party wipe.


Once the oracles are disposed of, return through the portal and under the direction of the relic holder, converge on the central platform. The relic holder should raise the damage shield and maintain it for as long as possible while the rest of the group opens fire on Aetheon. When the shield is about to wear out, the relic holder should call it out and any titan in the group with the ward of dawn super should activate it to allow everyone to escape safely. Portal guards leaping to the sides, relic team leaping backwards.


Rinse and repeat people.



This strategy is very effective for dealing damage to Aetheon, and even teams with less effective members can make it work. It does take more co-ordination than some other strategies but relies less on individual player's gear.


Drop 4: The final drop will occur after beating Aetheon.


Breathe a sigh of relief and look over your new loot as the raid ends.


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