Story 01 - Revival (tutorial)



STORY MISSION 01 - Revival (tutorial)


Recommended level: 01



When your guardian opens their eyes they will be confronted by Wheatly.... I mean a ghost. These little floating orbs choose a guardian to work with and help in their efforts to save the universe. Pull yourself out of the pile of rubble (apparently you've been dead a while ... wait, what? Do guardians get over death like a cold or something?).



Objective: Enter the wall


Ghost urges you to get out of the open and take cover inside the huge wall nearby so take the path to the nearby structure (noticing that you can see the character's legs and feet - in a FPS this is generally a rarity). Partway along the path a message will inform you that you have the ability to sprint by pushing in the left stick. Enter the broken down green door on the left to reach the wall.


Objective: Find a weapon


Ghost will start fretting about finding your guardian a weapon (don't worry, there is a gun before the first fight and it's pretty hard to miss). Wend your way up and through the dilapidated rooms until you reach a section where your ghost acts like a flashlight due to the darkness. As you approach the base of the stairs your guardian will get it's first glimpse of the fallen. Creatures with two or more often four arms who scavenge technology from ruins and act generally as mercenaries or bandits. For now they pose no threat so continue upwards following your compass. At the top of the stairs your ghost will illuminate the room and open a nearby doorway.


Objective: Grab the rifle


Head through and pick up the gun propped against the crate. From this point onwards enemies will attack you, so take a few seconds to familiarize yourself with the new weapon before proceeding. Another thing that is very helpful is the melee button (RB) that can instantly kill lesser enemies and kill stronger ones in a few hits. I'll mention how many they take as we come across them shortly.


Objective: Fight through the wall


Turn the corner to the left (don't worry about the shadows on the wall at the end of the hall) and head down the corridor. As you reach the far end and turn left you will meet your first fallen in combat as they drop down.


New enemy: Dregs (fallen)


Weak spot: Head


These enemies are thin and fast moving, making them difficult targets at times. This is offset by their low health and occasional fondness for engaging in melee. Dregs love to take cover and fire around it at players, so speed and accuracy are generally your best friends against them. One melee attack will kill them if you are of equivalent level (which you are at present). A good method for generating ammo is to kill dregs with melee and run over their corpses to pick up ammo drops quickly. An easy way to distinguish dregs is that unlike the higher tiers of fallen enemies, dregs only have two arms.



New enemy: Vandal (fallen)


Weak spot: Head


Vandals can be much more dangerous than Dregs in general. They often wield three shot rifles that homing shots towards you and occasionally use sniper rifles as well. Even worse is melee specific Vandals that have a cloaking shield (similar to Halo) and will sneak up and attack unwary guardians. When you are at an equivalent level, Vandals normally take two melee attacks to kill due to increased armour.  Vandals wear more elaborate armour and are larger than Dregs, as well as having four arms.



To make this easy, aim for the head or melee them to death. You don't really have many attack options at this point. Blast away at the dreg and vandal until both hit the ground. Continue along the path around the next pair of corners for another dreg to drop down right in front of you. A quick melee will take care of him. Allowing you to proceed unhindered. Around the next corner to the left is a slightly bigger room with crates strewn about. Three dreg and a vandal will drop down from the roof in the large room and then take cover. Concentrate fire on the vandal if you can as it poses the biggest threat.


Once the room is clear, follow your compass along a catwalk and on the right partway along you will see a small glowing crate. Ghost will mention that it is a loot cache, so flip the lid and grab the goodies inside. Just ahead around the next corner you will see red lasers covering the path ahead. These are connected to trip mines on the walls. So follow the on screen prompt and use B (O) to duck down and pass under them safely. As you do, several dreg will enter the corridor (melee is very useful here due to the close quarters). The path ahead will have more trip mines, so take the small hallway to the left and weave around them while dealing with the dreg.



Once the hallway is clear (except for the trip mines of course), enter the next area at the end to be confronted by a large open room strewn with cover. As you cross the floor, two vandals and several dreg will arrive and start making life difficult for you. Remember the basics, retreat to the corridor if you need to heal and melee the dregs if you can to speed things up. Once the large room is clear, follow the compass marker to a tube with large fans in it. Head underneath the broken one and follow the path to reach the open air once more.


Objective: Fight through the fallen


As you take a few steps out into the open, a flare will explode ahead. This marks where the next group of enemies will appear, so keep it in mind as you travel onwards. As you get nearer to the position of the flare, a fallen ship will arrive and drop reinforcements onto the field. Take the same approach as before, but a heads up that one of the vandals in this fight has a sniper rifle that can take off a good chunk of health, So be careful of that during the battle.



After thinning out the enemy ranks, another set of enemies will attack when you approach the next building. Among them is a new enemy type.


New enemy: Shank (fallen)


Weak spot: Eye


These robotic units often accompany the fallen and hound the player endlessly until destroyed. They do not take cover and will try and close the distance to you before firing. This can be dangerous at times as they will deal chip damage (preventing you from healing as well). They are very weak though and only take a single melee attack at equivalent level. They are generally nothing more than a nuisance but can attack in large groups.



Clear out the remaining enemies and head inside the building. You will most likely obtain your first level around this point if you have eliminated everything up to this point.



Objective: Find the ship


A linear path will take you to another trio of dreg to melee to death and behind them a vandal and another pair of dreg. Behind them in the hangar is the final confrontation of the mission. Among the vandals and dreg is a new opponent.


New enemy: Captain (fallen)


Weak spot: Head


These guys aren't to be trifled with. They have a shield which will recharge if no damage is taken for a few seconds (like yours) and can take quite a pounding before going down. Generally it is easiest to use your secondary weapon against them (sniper, shotgun etc) to defeat them quickly. They wield shotguns and grenade launchers and will occasionally fly into a rage and charge into melee (especially when they still have a shield and you are close to them). Two shots with a good sniper rifle can take care of them. Either take them down quickly if you can or kill all the surrounding enemies so you can fully concentrate on them. Captains wear elaborate armour and are bigger than dreg and vandals.



Objective: Clear out the fallen


The hangar can be a death trap if you rush in. Mostly due to that annoying captain. Either clear the room of all but him (making him easier to deal with) or use a powerful secondary like the sniper rifle to deal with the threat quickly. Make sure to retreat if you take excess damage and work your way through the enemies while avoiding the captain's shotgun blasts and eventually the room will be done.


After that, walk up to the ship and the mission will end.



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