Story 02 - Restoration



STORY MISSION 02 - Restoration


Recommended level: 02



Objective: Recon the crash site


Well, that was a short absence. Back to Earth again. This time it's to find the rest of the parts for your new ship. One thing I should point out before we continue on is that a large number of missions have you tracking through the same areas over and over again to reach the actual required area. When this is the case, I'll mention it and essentially 'skip' to the actual mission location. This is mainly due to the fact that the open areas can have differing enemy position and also sometimes stretch vast distances. This would make writing them up accurately nearly impossible. When these sections appear, simply follow your compass and if you feel like dealing with enemies on the way feel free. Anyway, now that's out of the way its time to move on.


Just over the hill ahead is a crashed space craft (well it's a few hundred meters with a group of enemies in your path, but no biggie). When you approach the site you will probably spot the vandal and dreg examining the debris. If you have unlocked the grenade skill, now is a good time to get used to it as you can take out three or four enemies with a well placed pitch. Get rid of any remaining wounded and examine the ship. Listen to the worst phone call in history (I seriously couldn't hear anything but static) and your ghost will tell you it apparently meant that they fixed a nearby data hub in the tunnels below.



Objective: Access cosmodrome network


Open world area here until you reach the tunnel entrance. Upon approaching the small building housing the tunnel entrance a fallen ship will appear and drop off some vandals and dreg. Pick them off as they land or rush past them into the tunnel while they are still setting up shop. A few little twists and turns will greet you until you descend a flight of steps and enter a green tinted room (complete with glowing greenish light). When you do, dreg and a vandal will get in your way. A map on the back wall of this room is your objective.



Objective: Find a warp drive


Head back out the way you came in and start hoofing it once more across the open world area. A building on the far side will be your target. Head up the stairs inside and in the third room on a bench is a loot chest to open.



Continue working your way deeper into the building until you come across a darkness zone. Crossing into these areas acts as a checkpoint to which you will be returned upon death (instead of the usual respawn after a few seconds at the same spot routine). This makes darkness areas far more dangerous and potentially frustrating. So make sure to be a bit more cautious when you are inside them (While saying this I am probably running about in one stabbing things without a thought in my head). They are quite frequent and after a while most people ignore them until they die and then realize they were in a darkness zone all along.


Objective: Eliminate the fallen


Anyway, time to head into the darkness. Ahead you will find a few shanks, derg and a pair of vandals examining the area. Chuck in a grenade, pick off a vandal with a sniper round or whichever strategy suits you best. Just keep a closer eye on your health than usual while we are in this zone. After clearing the room, take cover and pull out your secondary weapon. Riksis, special captain will appear along with vandals and dreg. The different colour of his health bar means that he takes reduced critical damage (-50%) and will more likely drop better loot (equivalent to characters and rares in diablo or borderlands). However, head shots normally inflict 300% damage so reducing it down to 150% still makes it very viable, so if you have a sniper rifle don't hesitate to use it.



Enemies will continue to spawn while Riksis is alive, so you will have to keep dealing with minions as the fight progresses. After finally whittling down his health he will keel over and die, most likely dropping your first uncommon loot. Clear out any remaining enemies and the mission will end.


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