Story 02 - Siege of the Warmind


EXPANSION I - STORY MISSION 02: Siege of the Warmind


Recommended Level: 25



Objective: Find the Warmind


When your boots hit the ground, pull out your sparrow and follow the mini-map marker across world, through the canyon, across the derelict ship and down to the Bunker complex. All the enemies until you enter the bunker will be regular level for Earth, so you should be able to plough through them without raising a sweat.


When you arrive at the bunker entrance, creepy music will begin to play and the bunker door will open up for you by itself. Yeah, kinda worrying. Enter the bunker door and descend deeper into the site.



Objective: Examine the Warmind


After traveling down a couple of corridors, you'll reach a darkness area. When you turn the next corner, you'll be attacked by hive forces (a couple of knights and about eight thralls in the first wave). Dish out the damage and break the wave before moving forward again. Shortly afterwards, another wave will appear of six acolytes, two knights and twenty-three thralls (yeah, twenty-three, but they will come in around groups of eight at a time). Mow 'em down in the usual fashion and climb the stairs to reach a room overlooking the control room of the Warmind.



At the top of the stairs, you'll run into a yellow health bar hallowed knight. Backpedal and dodge his blasts while popping him repeatedly in the head and he should go down in short order. Enter one of the side doors here to reach the control room proper. The room will appear empty, but we know better from the last expansion story mission and you'll easily spot the glowing green vortexes around the room. They won't activate until you look at the control panel on the far side of the room though, so make sure you are locked and loaded before nearing it.


Objective: Exterminate the Hive


As soon as the control panel flashes red, a green vortex above it will disgorge Omnigul, Will of Crota (wow, his punctuation's changed, how 'bout that?), a yellow health bar Wizard (arc shield) we met briefly in the last expansion mission. This time she's here for the long haul though and will use all the usual wizard attacks and shield abilities he can throw at you. She will occasionally scream, summoning four thralls to attack each time she does.



Shortly after that (whether you've defeated her or not) another yellow health wizard, Watcher of Crota (solar shield) will appear on the other side of the room to the control panel with four thralls, two cursed thralls and a pair of knights. Make sure to take out the cursed thralls quickly (you don't want them running around loose). The Waker will begin spawning green circles on the ground (known as Vestiges), these deal damage to you if you walk over them (jumping over is fine, just don't land in them).



Circle around the outer area, dodging vestiges if they appear in the way. Concentrate fire on the remaining knights and the waker wizard. The quicker you bring down the waker, the less floor hazards you'll have to deal with. On the radar, you'll spot the first wizard, Omnigul sitting in a locked room watching the show (lazy bum), unfortunately you can't get inside to kill it. Once the waker is dead, around ten seconds later, more green vortexes will begin materializing.


Another cluster of the same type / amount of enemies as before will spawn in the central area and rush towards you. Repeat the same kill order (cursed thralls, thralls, knights and wakers, yeah there's two this time). Once the second waker is dead, another vortex will open in the center of the room and a yellow health bar ogre, the Might of Crota will appear and begin blasting you. Blast back, using the pillars in the area for cover.



Well placed sniper rounds will take chunks off his health bar, or you can fall back on your primary weapon when he gets close. If you do enough damage quickly enough he will stagger for a second and kneel down briefly. So keep the damage stream constant if you can to wear him down fast. When he is nearly dead, a melee knight and four acolytes will spawn in the room and try to blindside you while you deal finish off the ogre.


Activate your special if you have it or back away and deal with the threats normally (these are the last group of enemies) and the area will be clear at last. After a brief bit of dialogue, the mission will end.



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