Story 03 - The Ruling House


STORY 03 - The Ruling House


Recommended Level: 26+



Objective: Hunt the wolves


When your boots hit the surface, you'll immediately see fallen enemies attacking the hive. Contribute to the confusion and lob a grenade into their midst or unload on them. After clearing the jumble of enemies, you'll have to deal with a lone shrieker in the air above and hive reinforcements below (acolytes and a knight). Be careful the shrieker's homing purple energy bombs don't weaken you while  you are in the line of fire, as it can lead to an easy death. Once you've cleared the entrance of the downed hive vessel, start working your way down into the cave system underneath it.



Objective: Destroy the Wolf servitor


A short distance into the caverns, a target icon will appear showing the location of the high servitor. For those with a decent sniper rifle, you should be able to pick off the servitor from range without getting directly embroiled in the raging battle, allowing you to pick off enemies without the whole group turning to attack you. For those more gung-ho, just race towards the enemies firing roughly in their direction. Either way, as soon as the servitor goes down, the objective will change.



Objective: Continue the hunt


When you are ready to move on, continue following the marker deeper into the open cavern area where the fallen drill equipment is. As you go keep clearing out the distracted enemies and keeping an eye out for sniper vandals. When you've killed everything in the open area you'll get a repeat of a previous objective.


Objective: Destroy the Wolf servitor


After a fairly long tunnel, you'll emerge somewhere that will likely look familiar if you've ever completed the cosmodrome strike before. Start repeating the same steps from earlier (cut your way through the fallen lines and then deal with the hive enemies and then travel through the complex until you find the next high servitor surrounded by more hive and fallen. A well placed grenade will get rid of a chunk of the enemies, followed up by gunfire to the back of their heads. Pick off the servitor from range if you can to avoid it's annoying purple energy blasts.



Objective: Reach the King's watch bunker


Once the smoke has settled, walk into the nearby corridor.


Objective: Hunt the Wolves


After entering the rocketyard area, you will need to cross the zone until you enter another new area on the far side. Walk deeper into the domain of the Kings until you enter a darkness area. Just beyond that you'll run into a group with a ranged vandal and a few dreg. After getting rid of them, continue following the marker while you take out the small groups of dreg, shank and vandals along the way.


After the first few groups, you'll find a captain supported by a sniper vandal on a walkway above. Use the nearby pillars as cover if you intend to snipe them, or just make a dash for them and engage them in close quarters. After some more small skirmishes, you'll have to deal with a few tracer shanks and a captain before reaching the final area of the mission.



Objective: Face the Fallen


When you round the final corner, you'll be confronted by three yellow health captains (barons) who are standing around a circular device. Players with powerful sniper rifles and good aim can take down at least two of these captains before the rest of the enemies in the room can react. The main danger here is getting stuck in a corner by the captains (so use the space and back up if you need to).



You'll also have to deal with a yellow health high servitor and plenty of shanks and vandals. Keep moving and play defensively here (whittling the enemy down and keeping on the move to regenerate shield). If you have arc weapons, it will make your work of dropping the yellow health captains much easier (due to their arc shields). Once you've managed to pacify the area, the mission will end and you can return to your reward.


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