Story 04 - The Warmind



STORY MISSION 04 - The Warmind


Recommended level: 04



Objective: Find the vehicle grid


Time to find us some wheels... or a speeder bike stolen from Star Wars (it has the exact same noise!). The path to the hut containing the grid is all open world travel, so work your way towards it. A console inside is what the ghost needs to interface with to give you access to vehicles. Once he is done you can summon your own sparrow (can be done by pressing the back/select button and holding X (Square). Hop on your new toy and floor it for the new marker.



Objective: Reach the forgotten shore


Have some fun on your open world journey to the forgotten shore. The sparrow is nippy and turns on a dime. When you enter the forgotten shore you will likely spot the wrecked ship (or shipwreck if you will).


Objective: Amplifiers scanned


Two new markers will appear on your screen, showing the positions of two nearby amplifiers. One is on top of the rusting ship and the other in in a large nearby structure. Deal with the ship one first. A captain (ironic), vandals and plenty of derg will try to stop you. Fortunately the ship provides good cover and you should be able to gun them down without too many worries. When the ship is clear, head to the marker and interact with it.



When the first is done, leap off the boat and pull out your sparrow again. Head for the building on the cliff ahead to find another captain, vandals and dreg waiting. Interact with the second amplifier when the coast is clear and a new objective will appear.


Objective: Infiltrate the skywatch


Ah, back to the skywatch. The building with the radar dish on it. Only this time, you'll be approaching from the parking lot. Cross the open world while following the marker until you reach the skywatch building. After you head inside a darkness zone will trigger and you should probably get off your sparrow (if you haven't already done so). The first few rooms contain a captain and dreg. Work your way through the mess. Once this area is pacified, be careful going up the stairs into the next room. When you reach the top, multiple "invisible" vandals will attack (I counted four on my trip through) as well as a captain and dreg. If you are having problems, retreat down the stairs you arrived from as this can sometimes confuse their path finding.



Wipe out all life in the area to gain access to a marked device that your ghost can interface with. As soon as he says the line "this will take some time," you should know what's coming. Yep, three progressively more dangerous waves of enemies. Due to the area you fight in and how dreg like to flank, you will probably be better off moving between one or two pieces of cover and only moving away if you need to recover or are overwhelmed. Prepare for lots of dreg and vandals. The special inclusions of the waves are: 1) A captain. 2) Two Captains 3) A captain and a Servitor.



New enemy: Servitor (fallen)


Weak spot: Eye


These floating globes are a real pest on the field. They have the ability to buff nearby allies and fire damaging blasts from their "eye." They generally hang back and help their allies but will at times target the player and follow them. Don't bother with melee unless you are a melee specialist or are a far higher level. Sniper rounds to the eye are generally the best way to go but getting in close with a shotgun can also work provided the surrounding enemies don't turn you into Swiss cheese.



Once the enemies are finally dealt with, a new objective will pop.


Objective: Destroy fallen tap


Approach the device and wait for some blue coils to rise up out of it. Then shoot them. Simple. Level end.



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