Story 04 - The Wolves' Gambit


STORY 04 - The Wolves' Gambit


Recommended Level: 28+



Objective: Eliminate the Fallen


After gaining control in the Ishtar Cliffs area of Venus, you'll have to cross the overworld for a bit until you reach the area in front of the doorway to the Vault of Glass. Players who have participated in the raid will likely know the area quite well, along with the usual steps for opening the Vault. In this case however, the vault door is already ajar and the site of a battle between fallen forces (ranged vandals) and multiple vex minotaurs. 



Due to the number of enemies in the entrance, you will want to clear them out first instead of trying to rush past (as there are more fallen just inside). Start weakening the vex minotaurs first as they pose more of a threat before cleaning out the fallen vandals. Just past the ranged vandals inside the vault door are a couple of cloaked melee vandals, dreg and a captain waiting to make life difficult if you try to rush in.


For those that never did the raid, the path into the vault is winding and has a few pitfalls so be careful about falling down holes as you work your way downwards taking in the scenery. Unfortunately the raid chests don't appear during this mission, so you won't get any free raid gear by doing this.



Objective: Enter the Vault


A fair way in you'll reach a darkness zone, just before you have to make a series of jumps across floating platforms (this can be tricky if you haven't had much practice). If you are having trouble, make sure you have your jump extension abilities on (i.e. triple jump for hunter) to make the task easier.



Objective: Eliminate the fallen


Shortly after the objective changes you will be standing on a rectangular floating platform overlooking a much larger area below. You can use this elevated position combined with a sniper rifle to get rid of a few of the waiting enemies below (servitor, shanks, ranged vandals, etc).



Just be very aware of the sniper vandals on small platforms to the right and left of your position as they can quickly drain your shields. Once things have stopped shooting at you from the area below, carefully jump down (jumping before hitting the ground to avoid the falling damage) and start dealing with the remaining enemies in the area.


Objective: Destroy the oracles (6)


Players who have done the raid will once again have a slight advantage here, as they will know what oracles are and where they tend to spawn. Oracles are floating orbs of yellow light that spawn around the area (in two positions on the left, middle and right sides of the area). They make a very distinctive noise when they spawn as well, alerting you to their appearance. You will have a certain amount of time after an oracle spawns to destroy it before it vanishes.



Use high damage accurate weapons (such as sniper rifles or accurate primary weapons) to quickly dispose of the oracles when they appear. Thankfully (unlike the raid) a marker will appear when each oracle does, showing you it's location. The difficult part is you will also need to deal with continuously spawning fallen forces while you attempt to destroy the oracles. Prioritize the oracles and avoiding death over killing the fallen here, as a single mishap will have you restarting this sequence all over again.


Objective: Kill Wolf guards


And another difficult section will begin. After the last oracle bites the dust, you will be assaulted by yellow health bar scorcher captains, yellow health bar captains, regular captains, ranged vandals, dreg and many shanks. Once again you'll have to play defensively unless you want to restart the section. Focus on taking out the scorcher captains first to prevent them bombarding you and keep moving to new cover around the area as the captains will be fairly active in hunting you down.



Make sure you pull out any arc weapons you have to deal with the captains and use the dropped scorcher weapons to make things a little easier for you. You'll have to deal with several waves of enemies along with the powerful captains before you can finally complete this mission.


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