Story 05 - The Last Array



STORY MISSION 05 - The Last Array


Recommended level: 05



Objective: Get to skywatch


Again? Geez, this is the third mission to travel to skywatch. It's OK though as this is the last story mission to take place on Earth. Summon your sparrow and cross the open world until you reach the radar dish building once more (you'll probably arrive at the front entrance this time though). Head all the way through the skywatch taking out any opposition until you emerge in the light on the far side. When you do, your objective will update.



Objective: Recover the ghosts


Turns out the fallen enemies in the area are in possession of the ghosts. Guess that means it's time to start shooting. Track down fallen enemies in the area and start blasting until you find a ghost that has information for you (you will probably find several ghosts before finding the right one).



Objective: Find the control station


Head into the large building your marker is pointing towards and partway through a darkness zone will trigger. After working through the enemies inside and reaching open air again, you should see plenty of captains, vandals and dreg blocking the way (arriving via drop ship). Keep blasting towards the control station marker until you reach a large room containing a bank of computer terminals. Plug your ghost in and prepare to face three waves of enemies (deja vu? Except this time it's hive enemies. Completely different then).



Objective: Secure the array


The waves consist of large numbers of thralls and acolytes and they will arrive via drop ship. This should give you plenty of time to get ready before the onslaught. The special enemies are as follows: 1) Wizard, 2) Knight (melee), 3) Knight (ranged).



New enemy: Knight (hive)


Weak spot: Head


Knights are heavily armoured warriors that stride around the firefight carrying large swords or weapons similar to grenade launchers that lob a powerful explosive that detonates when it hits something. Taking out these enemies from a distance is advised as either type will close on the player (melee will constantly close, ranged will close if player is nearby) and inflict damaging melee strikes. Taking on two or more of these guys at close range is generally a death sentence. Sniper rifles, grenades and special abilities are best for dealing with these tough enemies.



After the final wave is dispersed, approach the console bank once more and the mission will finish.



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