Story 06 - The Dark Beyond



STORY MISSION 06: The Dark Beyond


Recommended Level: 06



Objective: Track the guardian


Hey, a new place to explore! Apparently a fellow guardian has dropped off the radar and it's your job to find him/her/it/whatever. You don't currently have your sparrow (you have to activate a vehicle grid at each new location to summon them), so you'll have to leg it instead. The short over world trek should be pretty uneventful until you reach a large structure with the tracking marker pointing inside. Head on in and as you reach the rear of the inside area, your objective will change.



Objective: Hack colony equipment


Deploy your little electronic buddy (no, not that one!) and prepare for the inevitable attack. Thankfully this game doesn't have any of those "defend a certain piece of equipment from damage," if they did the game would probably be impossible in single player.


Objective: Kill the fallen


Fallen dreg and stealth vandals will rush into the complex. Deal with the stealth enemies quickly (as their melee attacks can seriously hurt if you aren't careful) and then pick off the remaining dreg. More fallen will begin to arrive outside via drop ship, so move out when you are ready. The first outside wave includes a captain, vandals and dreg. The second contains a servitor, captain, vandals and dreg. After that lot are demolished, you gain access to the vehicle grid and can summon your sparrow once more.


Objective: Find the colony base


Watch out for the odd dreg on a vehicle around here as the vehicle cannons hurt a lot. A fairly long over world trek awaits with several groups of enemies along the way. You'll know you are at the location when you see a large circular building supported by a lone column with the marker pointing to it. Approach the base of the column and clear out the local enemies. You will likely be unable to find one or two as they are in the circular building above. When the ground area is clear, look around for a pipe/ connector rising up at an angle that you can ascend to reach the building above. Kill any remaining enemies inside and interact with the marked equipment.



Objective: Find the temple of crota


Hop on your sparrow again and travel across the over world once more, The temple is in a narrow gorge which can be annoying to locate due to the marker changing direction rapidly. Just hunt down the marked location to trigger a cut scene and stir up a world of trouble.



Objective: Resist the hive


A darkness zone will instantly occur (wait, aren't these meant to be pockets of darkness left over? Not just screwing over the player at a whim?). After the cut scene, hive enemies will begin attacking. The enemy force consists of knights, acolytes and thralls. You can take the nearby high ground (a platform with walls acting as cover) or retreat to the temple entrance to recover some health. Just be careful as more enemies are most likely lurking within.



Objective: Find the ghost


After the hive threat is contained outside the temple, head inside. More acolyte will be covering the upper floor where your new objective can be found. A wizard will also be guarding the ghost, so make sure you are ready to deal with it before getting too close. Once you are done with the enemy thrashing, approach the ghost and interact with it to end the mission.



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