Story 07 - The World's Grave



STORY MISSION 07: The World's Grave


Recommended Level: 07



Objective: Enter the hive fortress


Hive hunting time people. The trek there is quite long across the open world with several groups of fallen enemies between you and the objective marker. When you reach a large number of chest high walls leading down to what looks like a large gate you have found the outer area of the hive fortress. Wind your way down through the corridors until you reach the area halls of wisdom. As you cross the threshold of this area, you will encounter the first group of hive enemies in this mission.



The group consists of acolytes and a knight. Keep working forwards to find a wizard and more acolytes. After defeating the second group, keep following the markers to find a third group with a knight, acolytes and thralls. Once you open fire, a hive ship will warp into the area and deposit more enemies for you to deal with (including a wizard). Back up or take cover while the ship is present as it fires blasts that deal a decent chunk of damage to a player's health bar.


Keep knifing the thralls and try to get rid of the knight and wizard when you can. As you move through the battlefield, you will run into a new enemy type.


New enemy: Shrieker (hive)


Weak spot: Eye/ core


Shriekers are floating orbs covered in spiky armour. They shoot large blasts of void energy towards the player and will sometimes spin up and teleport around. They generally sit at the back of an area and bombard the player but can teleport near them for a surprise attack. Don't bother trying to melee kill it as it will take ten or more melee attacks at equivalent level and will most likely result in your death. Stay back and use ranged weapons on the eye or core when they are exposed or sprint around blasting it with close ranged secondary weapons.



Descend further into the fortress and you will pass into a darkness zone. Move onwards a little more and your objective will change.


Objective: Find the knight


As you enter a huge open cavern area after the darkness zone, hive ships will arrive and deposit more hive enemies to fight. A ranged knight will be the main threat here along with a few acolytes. After dealing with the first group, a second hive ship will emerge and drop more hive friends for you to play with. This time however, the target of your ire should be among them.



Objective: Conquer the knight


The knight will be marked with a red target icon on the screen, so you should be aware of his position fairly quickly. A wizard and knight will also be among the new enemies, so make sure to approach the situation with a strong secondary weapon ready. The marked knight (Kranox the Graven) should be in a small circular alcove nearby with two wizards accompanying him. After disposing of him and the wizards, your guardian will receive the key to the World's Grave. This lets you continue deeper into the fortress. Lucky us.


Objective: Find the world's grave


Make sure the area is clear and then continue following the compass marker. More acolytes and a wizard will probably get in your way but destroying them should be second nature by now. Keep following the stone corridors until you reach the world's grave. As you walk over the doorstep, the objective will change.



Objective: Push back the hive


Unlike the last time, you won't be attacked immediately after entering the new area. Head down and into the cave connecting the outer area of the fortress to the world's grave. Be careful rounding the corners here as around one of them a heap of thrall are waiting to ambush you. Use grenades and melee while retreating to avoid being overwhelmed. Push further until the cave opens into a large room with a knight lying in wait. Once he is triggered, more thralls will appear and sprint towards you while the knight blasts you with his plasma launcher. Acolytes will also be waiting for you on the stairs behind the knight. Dispose of the enemies here and round a few corners to encounter a strange sight.



Multiple knights will be kneeling around a central pillar. This is the world's grave you are looking for. The only thing standing in your way is the group of knights. Time to open fire.


Objective: Open the world's grave


Once the dust settles, interact with the pillar and prep for yet another firefight. The usual waves of enemies is about to happen. Among the first wave is a new addition though, and a dangerous one as well.


New enemy: Cursed thrall


Weak spot: Head


These enemies (just like exploding enemies in every game) are a pain in the ass. If one gets too close without you realizing it, it's bye bye guardian. They only have slightly more health than regular thralls though and normally shuffle towards you. Be warned though that sometimes they can run and when they do, you better be fast with your footwork. The telltale glow indicates that they are different from regular thralls. Due to the explosive nature of this enemy, using melee on it would be extremely stupid.



Wizards, melee knights, ranged knights, thralls, acolytes and cursed thralls. That can be a real pain to deal with, especially in a darkness zone. Keep moving, use your melee abilities and grenades while using your secondary or special weapon on the stronger enemies and you should pull through. Once the surge of enemies abates, check out the small pools of water in this room to find a loot container to pick up before the mission ends.



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