Story 08 - The Sword of Crota



STORY MISSION 08: The Sword of Crota


Recommended Level: 07



Objective: Get to the hellmouth


Appealing sounding place name isn't it? Time for another over world trek people. Took me a good four or five minutes of travel to even reach the hellmouth from the starting location. So it is a bit of a trip. When you arrive at the glowing green altar, the objective will change.



Objective: Face the swarm prince


As you near the glowing green altar, acolytes will begin pouring out of the nearby caves. Dispose of them as you normally would until Banuk Ur Prince appears (a knight with a lot of health and a plasma launcher). Keep your distance and try for ranged shots while strafing to keep out of range of the plasma blasts. Sniper rifles and rocket launchers also work well against him. Despite the "swarm prince" title, he is pretty much  a normal knight with more health and damage. Once he is out of the picture, put the rest of the enemies in the ground and your objective will update.



Objective: Track the sword


A short over world jaunt should bring you to a large structure that looks like a huge crashed spaceship or destroyed palace. Head inside (fighting through the acolytes, naturally) to meet ranged knights within. One of them is a hallowed knight and will take reduced head shot damage, but is otherwise unremarkable. After battling your way through, descend deeper into the structure. Shortly afterwards you will cross into a darkness zone.


Objective: Locate the sword


As soon as you enter the darkness zone, a group of acolytes will sprint into the room ahead of you. The long corridor ahead is full of enemies spaced out in groups. Acolytes, wizards, thralls and knights all make an appearance. A little further on, another group contains cursed thralls, so be careful when they show up. In the same room as the cursed thrall should be a giant chain in the middle of the room. Nearing this will update your objective.



Objective: Slaughter the hive


Time to stop and kill the flowers. Kill all the enemies that show up to try and stop you (including a wizard) until the next objective appears.


Objective: Claim the sword of crota


Near the chain in the center of the room, you will see a floating glowing sword. Pick it up.



Objective: Kill the swarm princes


This is seriously one of the most fun sections of the game. The sword is extremely powerful and can dice up nearly any enemy easily. The RT attack creates a ground smash, damaging enemies in the area. The RB performs a forward slice that deals significant damage (why can't we keep this as a melee weapon? Sigh...).


As you may have guessed, the remaining swarm princes don't like you having such an awesome toy so they show up and try to ruin your fun, along with a heap of minions. Run around smashing stuff like you have the hammer in smash bros brawl. It should only take three or four swipes to take down a swarm prince, but they do hurt so back away if you need to heal. They don't have shields so any damage you deal will stick. After the third one goes down, the mission will end.



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