Story 09 - Shrine of Oryx



STORY MISSION 09: Shrine of Oryx


Recommended Level: 08



Objective: Enter the hellmouth


Back here again? Weren't we just here a moment ago? Anyway, the good thing is we start at the hellmouth instead of having to trek across the surface like the last mission. The enemy layout is the same, a bunch of acolytes barring your way at the entrance with a trio of knights around the first corner inside the building.


Keep winding down until you reach the gatehouse area to see acolytes shooting at something that isn't you for a change. Turns out the fallen are fighting the hive here, so you can either just sprint through the firefight of shoot down both sides. The two sides consist of acolytes battling dreg. Slightly further along the path, the tables turn on the hive as a servitor joins the fray along with a few vandals.



A little deeper into the complex, a group of vandals and shanks will get in your way. Looks like they are all fighting that wizard. Deal with the distracted wizard quickly with a secondary weapon or your special weapon and move on. More dreg and vandals can be found in the cave shortly afterwards as you delve deeper into the area. When you arrive in the room with the giant chain (yes the same room we cleared with a large sword last mission) it will be filled with fallen enemies this time.


Objective: Assassinate the baron


The room is full of dreg and a few stealth vandals and a captain by the name of Frigoris Exiled Baron. This guy can be annoying due to his shield, so make sure you use weaponry that deals heavy damage per shot and that you thin out the enemy numbers before you try and take him out. After he is taken care of you will get a new objective.



Objective: Find the shrine


Time to go deeper than we have before. Head through the opening at the back of the chain room and you will enter a ghost 'flashlight' zone. Don't worry, you won't be attacked during this darkened section of cave. The loud roar as you exit the cave... yeah, you can worry about that shortly. Head across the platforms and enter the circle of bones area. A path split (left and right) will appear before you, but the marker says left so follow that. Plenty of acolytes and a wizard are lying in wait. A little further on are some thralls and more acolytes before you reach the darkness zone.


When you enter the cavernous room strewn with broken rubble, you'll stumble upon the fallen engaging the hive once more. Capitalize on their inattentiveness and knife as many dreg in the back as you can. A knight will be leading the hive forces, surrounded by acolytes. Try and chuck a grenade or hit him in the head while he is concentrating on the fallen forces. Keep moving forward to encounter a mix of both factions weaker units. As you reach an illuminated room guarded by hive enemies (acolytes and a wizard), you may notice the large glowing circular tunnel. That's the next destination.



Clear the room and then stalk into the tunnel. At the far end you will reach the shrine (looks like a giant sphere being poked by needles to me). More battling dreg and acolytes will be strewn across the path to the shrine. Distracted enemy + back-stab = win. Be ready for a new enemy type as you go deeper into the tunnel leading to the shrine proper.


New enemy: Ogre (hive)


Weak spot: Head


Ogres, although far and few between in the story are a damned nuisance. Similar to other enemies who fire powerful projectiles from range they can quickly demolish an inattentive guardian. They fire a rapid barrage of extremely damaging void energy towards the player and have more health than other hive enemies. Special weapons, grenades and whatever damaging abilities you have are the best way to bring them down quickly. They tend to only appear as "bosses" so they normally will only be found at the end of missions.



Be very cautious when dealing with the ogre as his barrages hurt badly. Once the area is finally empty of enemies, keep moving further down the tunnel. Deal with a few knights guarding the path and you should emerge near the large sphere in the center of the shrine.


Objective: Take out the hive


The acolytes surrounding the shrine will be kneeling and praying, perfect prey for a decent sniper or an ambush. Finish them off quickly and approach the base of the sphere.


Objective: Weaken the shrine


Head to the glowing core underneath the sphere and deploy your ghost. Yet another enemy ambush is about to happen. Yay!


Objective: Kill the knight


Oh, he's not just a normal knight then. The "knight" is double the size of a normal knight, glowing green and deals more damage then a regular one. Ah, and he's surrounded by thralls and acolytes. Bliss. Lob a grenade at the cluster of thralls to thin them out and then retreat while picking away at the knight's head. The knight has a plasma launcher, so distance is your friend here. Snipers should try and bring him down quickly with head shots. Rockets can also work well if you aim at the feet. Otherwise just keep chipping away at him, moving backwards when he gets to close and you will eventually bring him down.



Objective: Destroy the shrine


Seems the shrine is weakened enough now, so unload your magazine into the spinning orb to conclude the mission.



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