Story 10 - Chamber of Night



STORY MISSION 10: Chamber of Night


Recommended Level: 08



Objective: Scan hellmouth cracks


Time to scan some cracks people. Saving the universe. By scanning cracks. Myeah, I don't get it either. The first crack is only a few meters away from your starting position, so jog on over and rub your ghost on it. Once the scan is done, hop on your sparrow and make a beeline for the next over world crack destination. A few enemy groups will be between you and it, so be prepared for a firefight or two on the way. After scanning the second crack, your ghost will let you know that it is time to backtrack to the temple of crota. You remember, where the dead ghost was in an earlier mission.



Objective: Return to the temple


When you arrive at the temple entrance after an over world slog, a new objective will pop.


Objective: Approach the gate


Now that doesn't sound suspicious does it? Head for the gate and a cut-scene will take over.


Objective: Enter the temple


Enter the temple doors to find an ogre waiting. Yep, nice welcome party. A few acolytes will be scattered around the lower and upper areas surrounding the ogre. Use your heavy damage weapons and abilities to bring it down fast. After thinning the numbers a bit, a knight will show up on the upper level with some more acolytes. After the entrance area is clear, drop down to the lowest level and follow the path.


Thralls and a wizard will be waiting to say g'day to you, so walk up to them and say "That's not a knife. This is a knife." Pick off the wizard once the thralls are dealt with and move deeper into the depths. The next few groups of enemies in your path will include acolytes, thralls and cursed thralls. When you enter the large room with a huge metal object with many tubes leading to it, your ghost mentions it is a hive seeder.


Luckily it doesn't do anything aggressive. Follow the marker and find a trio of very aggressive melee knights. These guys can make mincemeat of you in close range, so backpedal and use high damage attacks to destroy them before they swarm you. Once they are gone, resume your trek into the bowels of the moon.


When you cross into the world's grave, a darkness zone will trigger along with a new objective.


Objective: Find the chamber


From the position you enter the darkness zone, you should be able to see the patrolling knight and acolytes as well as incoming hive ships. Looks like fun on a bun. The ship will drop off a wizard along with more acolytes, so make sure to approach the fight cautiously. More knights await further in, so keep your weapon ready. At the rear of the area, you will find a large closed door that your compass marker is pointing towards. If you have a sniper rifle, now is a really good time to use it. Beyond the doors are three wizards and sniper rifle bullets can make short work of them.



Objective: Witches killed


Despite being called witches, they are just wizards. Approach the door and it will open, revealing the wizards who have their backs to you. Depending on your available weaponry, you may want to use rockets, abilities or shotguns instead if you don't have a sniper rifle. Once the wizards are no more, your objective will update.



Objective: Destroy the hive


This is where things can get dicey. Several waves of enemies will attack you one after another. Here's the highlight reel. Wave one contains thralls, knights and acolytes. Wave two contains cursed thralls, thralls, acolytes and more knights. The third wave consists of thralls, acolytes and one angry ogre (Telthos Unborn). Play defensively if you can (retreat back up through the door if you have to during wave 1 or 3 - not 2 as that is where the cursed thralls arrive from). Getting surrounded is a real possibility with the sheer number of enemies. Smack down the hive forces and you will be prompted to investigate the shard in the center of the room.



Objective: Investigate the shard


Chuck the ghost at the device and watch the shard lose it's cover of darkness. After that the level will conclude.



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