Story 11 - A Stranger's Call



STORY MISSION 11: A Stranger's Call


Recommended Level: 10



Objective: Find guardian outpost


New planet folks and I gotta say it's a fair improvement over the last location. The only downside is we have no vehicle, so it's time to go plug into the grid again. Fallen groups may get in your way but shouldn't pose much of a threat to you at this point as you cross the open world. Deal with the group of fallen surrounding the grid console and jack in.



Objective: Activate vex sensors


Hmm time for a new enemy faction to be introduced. A race of sentient machines (definitely not the geth). More over world travel interspersed with fallen firefights will occur until you reach a structure which houses the sensor array. A servitor, vandals and dreg are guarding the console itself, so take care of them first. After that is done, connect to the sensors.



Objective: Find the coordinates


Vex hunting time. A short over world jaunt will end with you entering a building and then dropping down into a glowing blue tunnel. A little further along you will be 'surrounded' by vex but not see anything. Don't worry, you'll meet them soon enough. At the end, you will emerge into a large room with what looks like a glowing white crane in the center (the mechanism, not the bird). Head on over. Cause big glowing things never lead to problems.


Objective: Scan the conflux


As you get near the conflux, you will enter a darkness zone. Pitch ghost at the glowing contraption and wander around the room for a little bit. Shortly afterwards thing will go south in a hurry.



Objective: Resist the vex


And here they are. The vex come in several varieties, but the types you encounter here are below.


New enemy: Goblin (vex)


Weak spot: Core


Goblins make up the shock troops of the vex army. They move slowly towards the player while firing laser rifles. If they take damage, they have a chance of going berserk and racing towards the player, firing wildly which is a lot more dangerous. To avoid this, aim for the glowing white core in the torso of the goblins. This is the general weak spot for most vex and will allow you to down them quickly. Similar to other weak enemies, melee attacks can bring them down in one or two hits depending on level.



New enemy: Hobgoblin (vex)


Weak spot: Core


Similar to vandals, these enemies are the next tier up from grunts and can wield laser sniper rifles or laser rifles. This makes them a fair threat on the field. The other special ability they posses is the ability to throw up a shield upon taking damage. It lasts around two or three seconds, but prevents all incoming damage. The best strategy is to fire a single shot, wait for the shield to expire and then fill them full of lead. Melee attacks do work but can take two or three hits. Generally unless you have a strong melee attack it is better to avoid this.



New enemy: Minotaur (vex)


Weak spot: core


These shielded hulks are similar to the fallen captain unit. They move relentlessly closer, firing powerful void blasts from their weapons. Taking these enemies down quickly should be a priority as they tend to be quite accurate and do nasty damage. Use secondary weapons or abilities to bring them down quickly. Melee attacking a minotaur is generally not worth it due to the five or so hits it takes and the damage you receive in doing so.



Time for one hell of a firefight. Take note that the vex weak point is their glowing white core in the torso. Each wave of enemies contains large amounts of goblins and adds a new unit each wave for a total of three. Hobgoblins are evasive enemies that throw up a shield when damaged, making them annoying to kill. Make sure you have the time to wait for their shield to go down before you engage them. Minotaurs can be trouble as they move faster than you think and deal a fair whack of damage with laser blasts.



Keep moving and changing cover when enemies get too close and when the initial waves of goblins are slowly walking towards you take the opportunity to shoot as many cores as you can before you need to move. With persistence and good use of your resources you should manage to make it through in one piece.


After a little chat with your ghost, a cut-scene will take over and the mission will end.



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