Story 13 - Ishtar Collective



STORY MISSION 13: Ishtar Collective


Recommended Lv: 11



Objective: Head up the coast


Looks like the start of the mission is quite a long over world trip to the Ishtar Cliffs area. So grab your sparrow and floor it across the planet's surface until you reach the location. When you arrive your objective will swap over.



Objective: Find a mind core


Glide up the nearby hill, following the way point compass to see a large group of vex appear and among them your target. A couple of new enemy types will be present as well.


New enemy: Harpy (vex)


Weak spot: Eye/ Core


Harpies are similar to the other small robotic units used by other enemy forces. They track down the player, closing the distance to them and open fire. Unlike those though, they expand before firing and can spin away to dodge incoming fire. They tend to deal more damage than shanks and as such are more dangerous on the field. They normally take two melee strikes at equivalent level and can appear in large numbers as support for other troops. Rare variations can be equipped with a shield, making them much more difficult to take down (due to their dodging abilities). For regular Harpies, any primary weapon works well if you target the red eye/ core.



New enemy: Cyclops (vex)


Weak spot: Eye/ Core


Cyclops are large, powerful stationary units that fire bursts of plasma towards the location of the player. They act similar to sentry towers (or obelisk guard towers) in RTS games, attacking players who wander too close. Distance helps against these enemies as it gives you more time to dodge the slow moving energy blasts (and the fire of supporting units). Don't bother using melee strikes on these large enemies as it will take far too long. Instead, focus your fire on the single "eye" of the cyclops and it should go down fairly quickly.



The enemy forces will be reinforced a couple of times before they are finally exhausted. Once the coast is clear, approach the remains of the dead cyclops and pick up the mind core you need. Nothing like a bit of brain surgery (albeit with guns) before breakfast.



Objective: Find the research site


Hop on your sparrow and follow the compass markers once more. You'll travel along the open world path via lush canyons and pathways until you reach a small passageway which is too small to practically ride your sparrow through (well, you probably could but I'd hate to see the panels afterward). Vault off it and follow the tunnel to Campus 9. After entering the area you will cross into a darkness zone. Fallen will already be scouting the area, so pick them off as you move onwards. After you move a little deeper you will be told to do that anyway.


Objective: Eliminate the fallen


Track down all the vandals (carefully, some vandals have a sniper rifle), shanks and dreg in the area. Keep working your way around, taking out the opposition and a new objective will appear.



Objective: Analyze mind core


A nearby terminal will be your new destination. Pop in the mind core from the cyclops. Annnnd queue the inevitable enemy attack. Vex will swarm the compound, Harpies, goblins, hobgoblins and finally minotaurs will arrive in successive waves in an attempt to overwhelm you. Stick to the appropriate tactics for each enemy, keep moving and after the third wave you will be victorious.



Objective: Return to ghost


Return to the console that started all this and the mission will be over.



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