Story 14 - The Archive



STORY MISSION 14: The Archive


Recommended Lv: 12



Objective: Enter the academy


And a wandering across the over world we go once more. Rev up your sparrow and head for the academy once more (we were there in the earliest Venus mission when the guardian encountered the vex for the first time). Follow the compass marker, dealing with the fallen and vex forces in your way until you reach the hall of whispers. This area is a darkness zone so make sure to keep that in mind as you advance.



Objective: Kill the fallen


A very basic objective there. Work to clear the forces out of the area and deal with the captains, servitors, vandals, shanks and innumerable dreg. There's only so many ways to say slaughter the lot of them, so keep it simple. Keep moving forwards and once the area is vacant, your mission objective will change.


Objective: Open the vault


Head to the marked location to find a console your ghost can interact with. Do so and the wall nearby will prove to be a huge set of doors that will open up.



Objective: Extract the archive


Descend into the sealed vault (memories of Fallout start flooding back for anyone else?). At the lowest area you will find another console that you can have your ghost talk at. After a few seconds, you guessed it. Fallen breach the vault and want to make you into a puddle of wobbling giblets.


Objective: Stop the fallen


The first wave of fallen consists of shanks, dreg, a regular vandal and a sniper vandal. After dealing with the welcome party you need to head for a new objective.


Objective: Repair the conduit



And a servitor and some dreg show up along with stealth vandals. Once they have all been mowed down, head for the marker to find a damaged control panel in the wall. Throw your ghost at it to fix it.


Objective: Repair backup conduit


Oops, turns out that wasn't the only group of fallen causing trouble. Another gang of fallen (servitor, shanks, stealth vandals, regular vandals and dreg) will arrive on the scene and start wreaking havoc. Show them no mercy and repeat the patch job of the previous objective before another flashes up.



Objective: Eliminate fallen


What do you think we've been doing for the last ten minutes... ugh. Yet another group of fallen will enter the vault  The one distinguishable addition to the previous enemies is Grayliks the Winter Baron. A captain with a yellow health bar that deals a fair whack of damage with his shotgun. Deal with him as you would any powerful enemy (either bringing him down fast with powerful attacks or destroying his minions before focusing on him). Once he and all his minions go down, you will get the final objective for this mission.


Objective: Complete the extraction


Maybe you could have closed the doors behind you? Laid bear traps? Either way the mission will end after interacting with the marked device.



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